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Before Michelin Star – Army.

Army. When I was 7 years old, my father’s dream of joining the army began, he always made it a right decision and a duty.

You can not imagine what hell we went through with my brother, but I can assure you that only at the beginning, with time, we began to understand and appreciate that these are valuable lessons that eventually turned into fun and dreams and remained for a long time. The first day was a nightmare for us, as in the army, of course, father in a loud voice called:

Do not be lazy! It’s the end of yours clownishness, the kind of life you’ve had so far.

After which, after our protests, he added that we can still be children, but not like the last seven years. And it did not end well, we talked to our parents in the morning, or rather we listened to them. They told us about how this place looks and why we should go there, it was known that it would be enough for a house, bread and a beautiful wife, but you do not think it’s too banal? That’s also how I replied to my father and you believe it was not banal for the next 7 years, such a lesson for the future, so as not to disregard the elderly, and above all the parents. We started the normal day at 5 am, before the school there was time for morning fitness, turn-down beds and breakfast for the road, later there were other duties like routine house cleaning, reading books and cooking, and you had to find time for basic ones such as learning, doing homework tasks or a good night’s sleep. There was not much, sometimes we were so tired that we did not have time to anything, we debated about it hours before bedtime and we wondered how to get out of this oppression so we started to do it as quickly and as accurately as possible,However, the parents did not let us think about it, but the tasks only increased. We understood that a war had begun, which we would not easily win, that it would not be immediately and we would have to accept it. I remember the day when it came to us to finally talk to them about it, as I had already mentioned, we were already 14 years old, we decided to submit a report. It was not an easy task because we had to describe it with all the details, and this fact itself was negotiated for a number of years. That was our end-of-war system that was to last for many, many days. Initially, we blamed ourselves for doing something too much and now punish us, later we tried to pay back which was not profitable, making deals was not always beneficial so we decided to like it, sometimes we were dishonest so we had to start all over again, but the best situation was which has reached us, that in fact over time it depends on us not to end it because we have loved it. We talked about these moments and everyone was jealous, because every child was leading a carefree life, and we were leading a real war, we were going on expeditions and we also started our first works on the construction site. The girls were overjoyed, but they were rejected by the fact that there were two of us and they could never decide which one they preferred. Funny, we were already doing the competition, which of us should take care of the prettier one. There were different things, but there was never anything serious, we could not find out, we had more important things, like home and passions.



Kamil Prochazka

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Do you know about the masterclass?

Related image

The masterclass is an online education in various fields in one cluster and all of them are run by the best leaders in this field!

People like Gordon Ramsay, James Patterson, Dan Brown, Hans Zimmer are just a few who agreed to take part in such a big venture and share with us all their previous experience, and all this for a symbolic price! For me, it is simply a paradise:

Image result for masterclass

And what categories of the courtyard will you be able to see? List below:


Design, Photography, & Fashion


Culinary Arts

Politics & Society

Sports & Games


Music & Entertainment

Film & TV

Related image

And here is the list of my favorites from Masterclass:

Related image

I probably wonder what the lesson looks like, it is not tiring and their length allows you to gently take all the information:

  • 35+ Classes
    from the masters
  • 24 Lessons average per class
  • 12 Minutes average per lesson
It’s like when you start? I am already preparing for the first lessons. The world belongs to the brave!
Kamil Prochazka
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We have it! Bad boys for Life oncoming! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence confirm their return in Bad Boys For Life!

Will smith announces his great return! Check out the video on Instagram!

A third Bad Boys movie has been rumoured to be in the works for a long time now, but it seems that a follow-up to 2003’s sequel Bad Boys II is finally set to become a reality, with stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence excitedly confirming in an Instagram post that a third movie, to be titled Bad Boys For Life, is on the way:

Production on Bad Boys For Life is due to begin in January next year, with Belgian pair Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah set to direct. Jerry Bruckheimer will produce the new movie, with David Guggenheim and Anthony Tambakis both having worked on the screenplay. The Leftovers’ young star Derrick Gilbert is also set to feature alongside Smith and Lawrence.

The new ‘threequel’ is expected to arrive in 2020, although there are no confirmed release dates at this early stages.

source of information:


Kamil Prochazka


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Look for this beautiful Performance! (fire-show)

Hello! How is your day today? A few days ago I had the opportunity to see a beautiful show in a beautiful performance. Fire show!

Dance of fire (fiery dance, dance with fire, fireshow) – a kind of circus show performed by one or a group of artists, requiring manipulation of burning objects. Typically, these objects have one or more absorbent ends (like a torch) that are soaked in a paraffin and torch. The most suitable, non-flammable material is kevlar.

Fire shows are often combined with elements of classical dance, modern dance and even belly dancing. Sometimes elements of acrobatics or theater are woven. It is often accompanied not only by carefully prepared clothes, but also by a proper choreography and a cover in the form of a specific story.

There are many equipment used to dance with fire, the most popular of them is poi and stick. In addition, the following are used:

  1. fans
  2. burnt cables
  3. devil’s stick
  4. levitating stick
  5. burning balls
  6. diabolo
  7. magnetos
  8. cube
  9. hula hoop
  10. stick (contact)
  11. two sticks
  12. dragon stick (Dragon Staff)
  13. juggling with sticks
  14. vul-cane

Source of information:


Kamil Prochazka

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Before Michelin Star – Divorce

I was 14 at the time when I began to understand that my parents are stopping to get along. That was the first time I felt this feeling growing in me, a feeling I will never forget. My exultation that accompanied it was just like love. I understood that it is time to create your first scenario. When my parents argued for hours, I spent this time on the computer, pretending I was playing computer games, stealthily, I created my life work, but then I did not think, it just made me happy.

Everything began to take a different turn when the time came for the separation of my parents, I blamed myself for a very long time, so I decided to buy back my guilt by creating my vision for the future for myself and my family. The pressure that was born at my time is not comparable to anything I have ever gone through in my life. I was depressed, which had been destroying me from the inside for years. I felt that I had to hurry because I would not even finish one scenario. It turned out that there were ten or more of them later? It was so long ago that I could be wrong, I know that I had them somewhere on my computer, but one day I got stuck and I lost everything. With time, I began to remind myself that told my uncle about it, it was the first time I actually told someone about it. Then began, thunders, storms, family revolution and as always vodka and good food.
However, you still ask yourself why ten sceners immediately, it was more important because one morning I came up with a genius idea to create something that has never been done before, a story that will be going through different scenarios and interwoven with each other. Where does this crazy idea come from? Even then, I thought that I would want to film them.
I am probably wondering why 10 were created? I do not know myself, I wrote and wrote and everything began to gain more and more importance. For me, it was the greatest effort and life pleasure beyond measure. I got into it innocently, I created my first document in Word. In the beginning, I was thinking about the title, later on, the rest and it really worked! What a joyful and happy moment I was then,, sadness after losing my father became my strength, bastion, life motto, already then I found a perfectly matching “Life is an uninterrupted series of surprises” by Andrzej Sapkowski. From the age of 14, I grew up without a father, it’s a heavy feeling when you have such a big family and the fact that you will have to take care of them because I promised this promise to my father. One evening he came to me and for the first time I showed him what I spend so much time on, already then I had it almost finished. For the first time I saw the surprise and admiration in my father, he never showed me anything like that, he always he rejects me, he kept saying that I had to be stronger, if I did not do it, I would be like a calf eaten by the lion or something worse.


He was always an example for me to follow, he could do everything related to work on the construction site, he was strong, he was two years in the Czech army (I was two years old then), this separation was very difficult for my mother. Then apparently all these complications in marriage began. However, what I should say about my father is the fact that I really loved him and I still love him, despite the fact that I rarely see him now. When we had a lot of free time at school, and even if there was nothing impossible for our father, he took us, the whole family, for trips and bonfires. Mom’s still holding pictures of these wonderful days, I knew then that my father is only one. He always gave me wise advice when no one listened, he told me that I was very wise, but for me then these were just words as father repeats for the Childers. It turned out that over time I started to hear it also from other people, it was already known that the father should be listened to because he is always right.

To be continued…


Kamil Prochazka

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Today I will watch a webinar from Sam Ovens! I’m so happy!

Webinar 2.jpg

Sam Ovens started completely broke working out of his parent’s garage in New Zealand and in 4 short years started a consulting business, moved to Manhattan and made over 10 Million dollars.

Sam is the leading expert when it comes to starting and growing consulting businesses and he turned many of the industries unknown grey areas into predictable exact science. Sam’s methods are used by top consultants all over the world and he is the first person many companies call when they need to attract new customers and clients.

Sam started out by providing the services himself then he transitioned to advising and now his methods, strategies, and tactics have been compiled together and turned into an online training program which others can use to start and grow wildly profitable consulting businesses of their own. Sams training programs are the leading programs in the consulting industry and have created more successful case studies than anything else the industry has ever seen.

Sam Owens.png


*Started completely broke in his parent’s garage in New Zealand, moved to Manhattan and made over $10,000,000
*Created 9 Millionaire Consultants from his training
*Created 136 6-Figure Consultants from his training
*Helped thousands of people all over the world quit their 9-5 jobs, start consulting businesses and live lives of freedom

Sam has total conviction that the traditional advice and common sense in this world is dead wrong and if you follow it you will end up living a life just like everybody else. Sams contrarian philosophy, methods, and views are savagely effective.

Sam truly believes that anybody can start their own consulting business and live a life much more meaningful with significantly improved income and freedom. The problem is that they just don’t know where to begin and they don’t have a proven map to follow.

Sam has created that map and it’s his life’s mission to share it with the world and help others get the income and freedom that they deserve.

To find out more visit Sam’s website by going to this link:-


More about Sam:




Description source:


Kamil Prochazka

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Naoki Fujihara he liked my pictures on the 500px website!

I’m so excited! I have more and more motivation in what I do!

About Naoki Fujihara:

Naoki Fujihara is an award-winning fine art photographer in Japan…

Link to the portfolio of Naoki Fujihara:


I invite you to look at my pictures at 500px:



Kamil Prochazka


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I started the project on Kickstarter. Can you help?


In a while, as soon as my account is approved, I will start collecting for the first book that I want to write.

Every penny you sow confirms more that she will rise. The next goal I want to achieve is to make a movie based on that. As you probably already know, I am studying Creative Media Production and Technology at the City of Bristol College and I want to become a director in the future. In return, in the future, I have to create some gadgets with my logo (shirts and mugs). Anyone who decides to transfer the appropriate amount will receive this gift from me. Of course, it will be at a certain interval, however, it always keeps its word. What do you say?

Link to my fundraiser project:

I also invite you to support by PayPal. Link below:

Monthly patronate:

Any sums:

Entry on the support of the Paypal option can be found at this address:




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Before Michelin Star – First of all

It’s been 27 years since I first saw the world in front of me, it was the best day of my life, a feeling I remember to this moment, I knew then that I was just born, and I already have a lot to do.

Image result for film projector

It started innocently, somewhere on my grandmother’s birthday, I was 8 years old, we always sat at the family table, it was always, vodka and good food. The family then always exchanged views about life, plans, and successes … And what about me? I was always staring at the TV, does not matter the best toys were everywhere, I was always interested in movies. Then grandma understood who she wanted to be. For my ninth birthday, if I remember correctly, I got a projector from my grandma! Grandma always said that she wanted me to make a movie like Jacek and Placek, a film about twins whose dream was to steal the moon. Maybe a remake will arise? But come back to my story, I had this projector in front of me and started watching movies for hours, it was an old projector, on film, after a few weeks, some films stopped working already, then the family was convinced that this is what I want to do and in spite of everything, I will always strive to become a director.



Kamil Prochazka

Photo source:

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We have a new friend! Johnny Walk!

We are so excited! Today someone visited us who we would never have expected. A former friend, and at the same time someone new, Johnny Walk, he has undergone a metamorphosis!

After a glass of pumpkin juice, everything was clear, he drinks yesterday so badly that he fell asleep on our way in our direction, all the happiness that he did not happen!

We decided to convince Johnny to stay with us for some time and you know what? He agreed! We have an old and at the same time a new friend towards each other.

He promised that soon he would want to tell something more about himself, so be vigilant.

Greetings and we wish you a nice day!


Kamil Prochazka

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Support Us! Become the patron of Two Same Boys!

Hello, FANS!
Yes, � You must be him since you came here. Support Us! Become the patron of Two Same Boys!

We run the Youtube channel and fan page for almost two years. During this time, we managed to achieve a lot. We have, however, come to a place where a further part requires a greater financial contribution … This is necessary if we want to further develop the channel and fan page in new directions. I know that many of you are not able to support us financially (I honestly would not want you to send your physical money to me), but there are many ways of support that do not require your money, but only the moment of free time and willingness. For you, it’s killing boredom, and for me a strong kick in a new direction of development.

How you can support? List some examples:

  1. Let’s start with the help options for our youtube channel and fan page.
  2. Disabling Adblock on my channel, recommending to friends, sharing movies: You know the funds from the YouTube website always depend on the number and unlocked ads.
  3. 3. Sending small donations or becoming the patron of our youtube channel, a fan page can very support us very much.

We do not hide, we would like to invest in our promotions, but at this moment we are students, And do not just afford us for such expenses, therefore we have a limited budget.

How could we repay? In a simple way, writing articles about filming, photography and the entire subject related to media production, about which we learned and learn from lessons in the City of Bristol colleague. Sounds great?

Link PayPal to support:

Link blog:
Link Instagram:

Thank you for all the help!

Two Same Boys

dawid i kamil nowe

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The Really Quite Good British Cookbook


I am a man who has always been fascinated by the kitchen. I am a man who wants to win a Michelin star despite adversity, I am a man who almost all his life devoted to gastronomy, but I would never have this knowledge if not for the fact that I read a lot of books, and how to read these are which are valuable and those that have nice covers (jokes) but it is certainly a fact that this one draws your attention.


My name is David but I think you know, I’m currently a student but it does not bother me to spend my free time cooking, it’s something that relaxes me,
British cuisine is difficult to define, but this book does a great job of highlighting the range of influences different cultures have had, whether that’s Gordon Ramsay’s beef brisket with new potato piccalilli salad or Angela Hartnett’s seasonal dish of deep-fried courgette flowers in tempura batter.


I know that I spend long days with a book by the fireplace, for all those who have passions and want something delicious for myself to prepare I really recommend 😉


#twosameboys #begining #message #book #bookstagram #chef #cooking#cusine #english #england #bristol #michelin @ Bristol, United Kingdom



Dawid Prochazka

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I was lucky to see television in the city!

I am currently in half term in colleague, if someone is not in the subject then this is the so-called break in classes for a week, I will admit that this is a popular statement because I’m not very good on the topic myself.

Half term is the perfect moment to visit the university because the whole university is practically empty and it’s a great time to quietly check it out took advantage of the opportunity and borrowed a stack of books that will definitely help in completing my course, did not even think of me and from so many interesting items can be found in the library.

Besides I noticed that not only the books are on the hand out, going quietly after the college I noticed that you can also find job offers, specially assigned study rooms, or even something to relax, movies or music, everything is in one place, so I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity because it really makes it easy for anyone who takes science seriously.

Below is a short shot introduction to today’s topics:

However, coming back to the merits, recently I had the opportunity to see the key moment of the production with my own eyes, that is, create a film recording and it turned out that I came to the perfect moment because everything was already set. If any of you are already on this topic, some time is aware of how long it takes to prepare for such a project, and the trouble of completing every detail can be embarrassing.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to thoroughly examine everything I needed for a general understanding the entire course of the process, but I managed to take a few photos and a short movie out of plan to see how this work looks like, but I would say that I would say that I was passionate about the media. For me, it is a very interesting topic and I will definitely try to write about it more. Catch the day, regenerate your strength, catch up, soon return to college and face new challenges.


Kamil Prochazka

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Good news! New and Improved iOS Sharing Extensions

New and Improved iOS Sharing Extensions!

Are you using the WordPress for iOS app on your mobile device? Our mobile team is excited to announce a big update to the share extension in the app.

The ability to share content from other apps is a core part of the iOS experience. Last fall, we decided that our share extension was overdue for a refresh, so we rolled up our sleeves and rethought the entire workflow for both iPhones and iPads. The result is a new and improved experience in version 9.6!

— Read on

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When dreams it really matters to you!

I work of the gastronomy career and I already have some more than two years of experience in international restaurants with a rank of four and five stars. My professional goal is gaining experience in the best places related to the field of gastronomy. I m a person who always tries bringing organizations to the next phase of growth and development. Diligent and motivated to improve processes, streamline operations and increase revenue.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania city of bristol college green

But that it does not come out because I’m a bit rude or something like that, I’m currently studying at the university on the creative media production and technology profile and I do not have much time to work, and here he was next to, after classes or before. Why do I care so much about it? Recently I started the semester and I thought in the queue for coffee, that it would be nice to work in such a place because I would have the opportunity to meet great people from the university which would contribute to a better picture of the situation and impact on my reception (and think every person at the university, in my opinion, he is full of joy that he has the opportunity to study in this place, some probably even volunteer for it, and I would like to pay back a good job.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania city of bristol college green

Everyone will probably think that he is playing or something, and you’re right, there’s a catch, I’m shy … and he’s still working on my English speech.

I thought for a long time that it was a great idea to work in such a place, after a long time, if I already had a general picture of the entire university and a vision for improving the place, for sure the next stage I would like to become is a university ambassador who knew perfectly well what should be, what should be dealt with, and what should necessarily change, because the truth is that there is always something that can be done better or show that it can be someone better, and a perfect example can be me, what’s funny, to say the least, currently unemployed , worried about his future, college and dreams that were growing up in my childhood and I don’t let anyone destroy them!


Kamil Prochazka

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Still, constantly, always, permanently, everlastingly You still you are rock, Freddie Mercury! Bohemian Rhapsody review! Cinema Odeon.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania bohemian rhapsody movie poster

In a word of introduction … When I was still a teenager, I had a lot of boring time and for hours I could browse through websites in search of favorite music, one, the only day I found him by chance, I immediately felt it in my bones, music, performance, stage, band everything suited! And it started, I listened to the whole discography and I knew it was just the beginning, the beginning of a new way for me in the light of music!

As you probably already heard, or you are looking for yourself, the Bohemian Rhapsody film makes a great sensation, the cinema is filled to the brim, I’ve been twice and I feel that it’s not enough! Coming back to the subject, what is worth mentioning at the very beginning is the fact of choosing actors, just perfect for me. Why, because each of the characters has not only been reflected as tracing with real legends, you have the feeling that they look even better!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania bohemian rhapsody movie

Who in my opinion did the best? There is no such statement! However, it was worth to mention those in which I just fell in love … literally and figuratively:

Rami Malek Freddie Mercury
Lucy Boynton Mary Austin
Gwilym Lee Brian May
Aidan Gillen John Reid
Mike Myers Ray Foster
Ben Hardy Roger Taylor
Joseph Mazzello John Deacon

It’s great applause for this seven!

And what did the picture of the whole movie look like? You can not describe in words, however, what made me the most is the fact of the twists and turns of the action, emotions associated with the characters’ relationships, but above all the scenes where our legends were conferring! As for me, it was not possible to present it better to understand what the music really is and what kind of person you have to be, to get your vision caught up by the mass of fans!

Podobny obraz

Freddie Mercury had created his vision from childhood, a figure that would never pass away, every decision made was supported by his family and his beloved ones, and he himself wanted to convey one message that he wanted to be loved by everyone!


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania freddie mercury the best performance

As for the plot, I will not say a word, because every fan or no fan should have a sense of duty to go to the cinema to pay him a great tribute, and for those who have not had the chance or courage to meet with the great King Rock I recommend It’s very hot! For me it is obviously a rock movie, but it’s not over yet, I feel like a wave of subsequent films related to the theme of music is going on and I hope that it will remain for a long time, how to live without music?

With this rhetorical question, I leave you, have a nice day!

Do do do bah bah bah bah
O-kay !


Kamil Prochazka

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Beyond the beginning… First Man movie review! Cinema Odeon

If you’re looking for something similar in musical style to the extent of inception, this is a perfect example, I do not understand why it still has such poor popularity but I bet it will change soon …

Appollo 11 Launch soundtrack from First Man by Justin Hurwitz

Apollo 11 Launch

And as for the film amazing for me, the best scene of Landing and the emotions associated with it, and the soundtrack given below woke up in me delight …

For me Steven Spielberg proved that the moon landing could be directed and shot really on our earth, and what is you opinion?

My opinion is that Ryan Gosling played the role brilliantly, and the whole disc should be found in every film music connoisseur!

The Landing soundtrack from First Man by Justin Hurwitz

The Landing

And what is your purpose for today?

Writet by:

Kamil Prochazka

#movie #FirstMan #JustinHurwitz #Moon #Landing #Launch #Appollo11 #StevenSpielberg #RyanGosling #soundtrack

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Before Michelin Star – I write my own book!


Outline of the story:

The last two days were for us a lesson and answers to the questions, thanks to which we have a new goal without changing the existing ones, bearing in mind that not everyone can agree, we will not stop us from fulfilling our dreams, to our fans, we give thanks and promise that we will not give up and we will try to face every new obstacle with honor.



Kamil Prochazka

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We are start E-learning: Smartphone Photography with CAROLINE CALLAGHAN educator!

Caroline Callaghan been studying and working in the photography industry for 15 years and I have 12 different cameras, including 5 film, 3 Polaroids and 4 digital cameras. The oldest is a Polaroid camera dating from the 1950’s, the latest is my smartphone camera! I love them all!

Linked in profile Caroline Callaghan:


About courses:

~ 8 interactive lesson

~ 4 Weeks

~ 8 hours +

For example:

Lesson 1 – What is Smartphone Photography

We all use our smartphone for photographing different things. In this lesson we are going to talk about some popular styles of photography so we can think about what photographs you like to capture, this will help you develop and enhance your own style. We will explore the features on your smartphone and learn how to set it up to get the best possible images at the highest quality.

More information you can find here:

Writet by:

Kamil Prochazka

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The first time with Adobe Spark Post.

Today, by accident, I came across an application that allows you to edit pictures in different themes and ways of placing. The options are really great. The effect can be seen bellow, where I added some photos and tried to change them somehow, it looks great!

Writet by:

Kamil Prochazka

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Review Predator 2018! Disappointment but only at the beginning! Cinema Odeon

In the first thirty minutes of the film you could feel the impression of being in a typical American school movie, where the first and foremost counts the momentum and effects and there is a not inportant feature story from the side, which unfortunately continued until the end…

However, when you look with a wink at the fact that the viewers, however, wanted to see the spectacle, after the last ambitious film Prometheus, the director had a successful script. It was possible to feel the impression that the film was created very optimistically, the atmosphere on the set was positive that the actors were not overwhelmed by the challenge and proved that the classic Predator can be varied with a bit of funny scenes with a Thomas Jane which could be heard in the audience. It was great for all the threads and I was take more emotions more and more after every minute I spent. The action, however, began to gain momentum and in the final thirty minutes you could feel the scale of this spectacle and the fact that the actual threat brought for earth with it the threat of the return of the Predators.

What I liked the most was acting of Boyd Holbrook in the role of Quinn McKenna and Jacob Tremblay as a son (Rory Mckenna) and in the way in which they showed the return of a lost relationship between their father’s time-consuming work in special units from the family on special missions.

I am waiting impatiently for further parts, I am still waiting with hope for a meeting with Predator, who will have greater momentum when it comes to the very origin of these beings and showing their belongings. But at this moment we will have to wait, trends will not by change. I invite you to this spectacle because it is really worth it!

Writet by:

Kamil Prochazka

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Buy a Mac or iPad Pro. Get Beats and more. Offer end 02/10/2018!

For some time on the official website there has been a promotion regarding the price cuts for students and students for products from apple, mac and ipad pro!

Shop for university with Apple education pricing.1 Buy a Mac or iPad Pro and get a pair of Beats on us.2 And save on Apple Music, AppleCare Products and Apple Pencil. Simply verify your current student or staff status with UNiDAYS to start shopping.*Verify with UNiDAYS

Beats Solo3 Wireless on us.

Including new Beats Pop colours. Only at Apple.

Up to £270 off.

On a qualifying Mac with Apple education pricing.

20% off AppleCare Protection Plan.

Add protection to your new Mac for less.

Credit for your current device.

Just trade in an eligible Mac with Apple GiveBack.


Powerbeats3 Wireless on us.

Including new Beats Pop colours. Only at Apple.

Save with education pricing.

On all iPad Pro models.

Apple Pencil for less.

Do even more with your iPad Pro.

Credit for your current device.

Just trade in an eligible iPad with Apple GiveBack.3

You can find more information on the apple website!

Writet by:

Kamil Prochazka

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McDonalds Restaurants is a dream job for a student!

New news! Some time we have both been working in Mcdonalds and we wanted to share with you the opinion on this subject, but probably it does not end on one post because this is a large topic. In a short time, we will put pictures from our restaurant!

Today let’s start with the contract, because from this begins our adventure in McDonald, namely, negotiations. As everyone probably knows everyone cares about the best possible offer, here I warn everyone is treated equally and you have to count on it, experience is valued because you can get promoted faster but by mass procedures it’s best to start with the lowest position or team member.

Here, however, we can decide whether we want to start with the proverbial kitchen or maybe the service, everything depends on our predispositions and experience.

Regarding the contract, here is the room for maneuver because already when applying for a job you can present our future employer how we are available (at a later date, after each month you can change it to another), however, if you find a situation you can always call and inform or inform give the request a day earlier about changing your availability. Do you want to work part time or full time depends on you.

This is not the end because there is also an option to exchange your days with your friends from the macdonald or giving a comic your day if you have enough to work hard.

Each employee also has a break of 20 to 45 minutes depending on the need and a free meal! Each employee also receives a reduction of 50% on most products in the restaurant!

How do our earnings look like, how are they paid out? Depending on whether you work in Mcdonald or in McDonald’s on the purchased license, the withdrawal will take place every week or two weeks to the indicated bank account. True of great? What more do you need for a student?

However, if you are more demanding, McDonalds also offers a variety of training programs, from English and mathematics to managerial training!

Subsequent entries about the work in this place appear soon! Stay on track!

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Kamil Prochazka

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Today it’s our first day in Bristol City College!

The day started with the moment in which we got a visiting card thanks to which we could go to the classes, at a later time as we complete the formalities we will get a student card.

The first classes missed us in the first week, but our friends quickly introduced us to everything that would be needed to make up the material.

The first challenge what’s we have in beginning it’s a making some scenario to one of three pictures!

The task was demanding, however, after a short conversation with the peers we managed to create our own.

We also had the opportunity to see what each student’s position looks like, but there are also other classes or places with other learning equipment.

In the middle of the daytime there was an introduction where all students were introduced to the rules and ethics prevailing at school and the best important, our professional goals!

The last lesson has been clarified what we will be doing at future classes and what projects we will be doing until the end of the year.

Next news will be described soon!

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Kamil Prochazka

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We are start study on City of Bristol College!

Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology!

About Study:

The Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology has been designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to access and progress to degree level study and employment in the media sector.

It provides an opportunity for those who have an interest in media to explore, develop and test their creativity within a qualification structure which is stimulating and demanding and provides a supportive transition from general to
more specialised study.

The qualification will enable students to:

• Have a critical and contextual awareness of different perspectives and approaches within the media sector or related subjects of study or work

• Research, analyse and evaluate relevant information and ideas in order to develop creative solutions

• Understand, adapt and safely use appropriate and practical methods and skills for creative production

• Solve complex problems through the application of practical, theoretical and technical understanding

• Critically review the effectiveness and appropriateness of methods, actions and results

• Use evaluative and reflective skills in order to take responsibility for own learning, development and decision- making

• Take responsibility for the research, planning, time management and actions to access progression opportunities

• Effectively present themselves and their work to appropriate audiences.

UAL Awarding Body requires Centres delivering this qualification to recruit with integrity and on the basis of the students’ anticipated ability to successfully complete the requirements of the qualification.

UAL Awarding Body recommends that students have a minimum of 4 x GCSE’s at grade C or above, at least one of which should be in a media or art and design subject, or an equivalent Level 2 qualification in a relevant subject.

Students should be advised that some university degree courses require students to have gained a GCSE at C or above in maths and English. Students may be advised to complete these qualifications to ensure they have the best possible chance to progress to Higher Education.

What could this qualification lead to?

The majority of students completing the UAL Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology will progress to the UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology. Some may progress to the Level 3 or Level 4 Diploma in Foundation Studies – Art & Design and some may progress into a range of entry-level roles in the media sector.

The UAL Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology is generally delivered over one year and will enable students to develop a portfolio of work that could support progression into a range of higher education courses, usually in conjunction with other Level 3 qualifications.

The content of the UAL Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology was developed collaboratively with representatives from universities, further education colleges and 6th form colleges to ensure that it provides students with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to progress into higher education, further education or other training opportunities.

The qualification attracts 36, 60 and 84 UCAS tariff points for Pass, Merit and Distinction grades respectively.

Who supports this qualification?

The qualification is recognised as fulfilling entry requirements to a range of higher education courses, either in its own right or alongside other Level 3 qualifications, by institutions including Arts University Bournemouth, Ravensbourne, University for the Creative Arts and Leeds College of Art.

Letters of support from these institutions can be found on the UAL Awarding Body website here:–technology/

Further information

Additional information for this qualification can be found on the UAL Awarding Body website here:

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Kamil Prochazka

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Two years ago we get chance to work in five star Rosevia Resort in Jastrzebia Gora City in Poland!

2016 was the year of our trip for us, we thought that if we were to work only with the best pro-visionists and professional it was two years ago exactly then my brother and I went on a tour and we got to the five star rosevia resort. In addition to the wonderful views on the coves rozevie in this place there is also an amazing coctail bar, and that’s where we really had the chance to prove, the blue lagoon was it …😉

We had occasions to work with an amazing person, the chef who aroused our passion for the kitchen! I am talking here about Mariusz Kucharczak!

Formerly, he was an executive chefa at Novotel Poznań Centrum and at the Garden Boutique Hotel in Poznań. He has 18 years of professional experience. He took internships at Warsaw restaurants awarded with the Michelin star: Atelier Amaro and Senses and at the Aruana restaurant at the Narvil hotel. He won, among others the title of the Traditional Chef and one hat from the Gaullt & Millau guide, honorable mention in the competition for the Wielkopolska Chef of the Year and the podium in the Wine & Food Noble Night competition for a starter and main course.

Rosevia Resort & SPA is a place where guests enjoy true carefree, enjoying the closeness of nature, ecology and beauty on 7 hectares of green areas. With the use of modern technologies and the highest quality materials, 79 comfortable single, double and triple-floor apartments ranging from 38 to 125 m2, family-friendly, are available to guests. Two, three and four-room apartments. Rosevia Resort & SPA is not only a unique place for family rest, but also for a getaway trip or company meetings.

Rosevia Resort & SPA creates ideal conditions for relaxation and business. Architecture and infrastructure woven into the Seaside Landscape Park, the surroundings of over 100 years old forest and the Baltic Sea and beach, from which only the breathtaking cliff view separates, makes this place unique and exciting. Guests can enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and the surrounding nature. Additionally, a recreation zone with outdoor heated pools and a jacuzzi, a tennis court, an outdoor gym and over 1000 m2 playground with safe, certified equipment.

Rosevia Resort & SPA is located in the most charming part of North Kashubia, near the Rozewie Lighthouse, between Władysławów and Jastrzębia Góra. There is one of the most beautiful Polish cliffs here, and the area is surrounded by over 100 years old forest. At the same time close to the attractive coastal towns. The proximity to the sea, the beach, the surroundings of a beautiful forest mean that there is no better place to rest.

#Roseviaresort #twosameboys #twins #coctailbar #fivestars #coctails #summer #2016 #proffessional #bartender


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Kamil Prochazka

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Great teacher Onizuka GTO – our idol!

Great teacher Onizuka GTO

There is not much anime in my life that I watched. I will say bluntly that I usually treat this genre as a festival of nicely drawn pups and tits, and especially the vent of the strange habit of the Japanese showing the young girls’ pants. After a strong recommendation from some of my best friends, I decided to give the “GTO” a chance. I was not disappointed. First time we see this when we have 16 year;)

The main character is Eikichi Onizuka. He has several years of gangsters behind him, more specifically being the boss of a motorcycle gang. He is known by Yakuza in a few areas of Japan and treated by highly-acclaimed criminals with the highest respect. However, he was bored with a life full of dangers and he was looking for a new job. He comes up with a brilliant idea: How to make money without doing too much, to be able to look at young women and have fun? Eikichi’s answer to these questions is the profession of the teacher, whose job he begins to try at the school of the Holy Forest.

First, I was disgusted. The first minutes start as normal, as I thought: well-drawn ass of high school students and their white panties as the protagonist in the foreground. Right after that, a guy who gets a nosebleed at the sight of those, or makes strange faces. I roll my eyes, I expect a stereotypical “Chinese fairy tale” with trivial jokes and an erotic tinge. However, thanks to the further persuasion of friends, I was not fooled by the beginning and watched subsequent episodes full of adventures of the Great Teacher Onizuki, in which he makes the students start to love the school.

It is marked as a comedy, drama and romance, not without reason. It contains each of these elements and handles them quite well. Jokes can be indiscriminate, but also as a rarely laughing person, I must admit to repeatedly wake up roommates with laughter. Onizuka will say anything, practically always manage to make the viewer laugh, at the same time surprising with his methods 😉 I recommend for everyone! #beaverbrook #twosameboys #roseviaresort #nosalowydwor #twins #teacher #gastronomy #greatteacheronizuka #method #destiny #school #japanase #anime #actor #acting

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We would also like to mention your pendolino career…

We would also like to mention your pendolino career, we started in Warsaw, we had a meeting with the heads of the wars, asked us for experience and we were immediately directed to one of the better wagons Wars was it a new experience for us, waiter and bartender on the train? why not !

Pretty theory, time for practice! We love traveling by train, that’s why we were so happy for the day when we finally get to the fastest train in Poland – Pendolino. The goal of our trip was Krakow, later Gdynia and we took off from Warsaw. At the station in Warsaw, 30 minutes before departure, we met with assistance and we moved.

The WARS menu surprised me with a variety of dishes. A modest card, or rather an ordinary paper leaflet, just after opening, turns into a real restaurant menu. In the list of meals served by WARS and prepared by the chef – we will find breakfast, lunch and even sets for the youngest.

During the morning trip, we can be tempted by scrambled eggs with butter, bread, hot frankfurters or simply choose a fresh sandwich with chicken fillet. The main dishes, which I like the most in the description, are penne pasta with chanterelles and chicken fillet, with rice or potatoes to choose from and a mix of salads. For children, the kitchen will prepare sweet pancakes with mascarpone cheese and cherry jam. or the favorite soup of the day. WARS also took care of travelers who only sit for a moment. For them, a Greek or chicken salad or even a dessert: cheesecake or apple pie is especially to choose from. Of course, there is also something to drink: from stimulating coffee, ending with healthy fruit and vegetable juices.

Th work was interesting in itself,

Often you could meet interesting people and meet TV stars,

It was undoubtedly a great time for us, a chance for a wonderful trip, we spent every night in a different city, so it was time to go out somewhere 😉

#warszawa #pendolino #twosameboys #twins #bartender #chef #waiter #travel #train @ Pendolino Z Warszawy

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We are practicing falun dafa!

Today we are practicing falun dafa meditation from China. We also we wanna invite to in a petition against violence in China.

Chinese spiritual practice that combines Qi Gong meditation and exercise with a moral philosophy based on the principles of Truth (Zhen), Kindness (Shan) and Patience (Ren) (Chinese: 真, 善, 忍). This practice emphasizes morality and the cultivation of virtue and is identified as the practice of the qigong of the Buddha school, although its teachings also contain elements of the Taoist tradition.

Through the cultivation of morals and the practice of meditation and exercise, Falun Dafa practitioners strive to abandon their attachments and ultimately achieve spiritual enlightenment.

#relax #meditation #fulundafa #twosameboys #twins #bristol #petition #peace

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Motivation words for today!

Sharing insights: Servant leadership in the current “Fourth(#4) Industrial Revolution” is so excitingly dynamic.


*Your sphere of influence has increased

*Your role to remain responsible is paramount

*Your EQ is your credit line


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Our past working time at the Hotel Du Vin & Bistro Bristol!

After our trips in 2016, it was time to start a new adventure, namely work in the kitchen, something new for us!

The first place where I started my brother in England, four star Hotel du Vin & Bistro Bristol!

Surprised us with amazing kitchen food, you will find there among others:

~ Bistro restaurant! Simple and classic. It’s all about the flavours, the fresh ingredients, the seasonal produce and the French and British influences. It’s about affordable deliciousness with our à la carte menu and enjoying it in a warm, inviting and welcoming environment.

You can choose between simple classic starters like Roasted Tiger Prawns, to mains including Rack of Yorkshire Dales Lamb, Seabass Panzanella Salad, to delicious homemade desserts.

We highly recommend this place to all interested parties and encourage professional career in this chain of hotels.

We do not hide that it was wonderful for us and an opportunity to meet staff from all over the world, the place surprised us that everyone was very cultured and felt this passion, every day it was a newly writing story also we can not forget about the guests who were invaluable to us!



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Kamil Prochazka

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Perrett’s Park – nice place for relax!

Perrett Park is mostly open grassland, on a steeply sloping site which forms a natural amphitheatre or bowl.

At the top of this bowl a long terrace has been created, running along two sides of the park. This terrace has been laid out with rose beds and shrubberies, paved walkways and benches which command a fine view to the west and north.

Perrett Park is maintained by the Parks Department of Bristol City Council. The grass is cut regularly and the park is kept clean and tidy. The terrace gardens are kept in good order.

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Kamil Prochazka

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Please help us to take free one year free rent on SpareRoom ! 😉

Only click on th spare room link:

We are twins brothers:

1 Stand up gentlemen and photographer & Lovable artist and actor also we have passion about hospitality industry and we are interested digital media business.

Our current goal is to undertake studies in the field of digital media at college in Bristol 2018

We would like to devote this money to our development and studies, and we do not hide it is very costly, if we are get this chance we use this money for study and make more certificates etc 😉 everything we can show on us fan page Two Same Boys

Impossible can be possible!

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We are Two Same Boys!


We are twins, brothers: 
Kamil: Stand up gentlemen, writer, and photographer Kamil Prochazka
Dawid: Lovable artist, actor and director Dawid Prochazka
We have a passion for the hospitality industry and we are interested in the digital media business.

Already have some more than five years of experience in five stars hotels, restaurant, resorts, golf clubs in the hospitality industry.

At various levels of gastronomy, from the level of service and work in the kitchen.

We get Opportunity to work in płace like:

Beaverbrook Estates Limited – Luxary country hotel and golf club in Leatherhead, Surrey, England.

Hotel du Vin & Bistro – the 18 th century Sugar House in Bristol, England.

Rosevia Resort & Spa – exclusive five star resort in Jastrzebia Gora, Poland

Nosalowy Manor Resort & Spa – The resort consists of four unique facilities. The largest resort in Zakopane, Poland.

McDonald’s – there is no need to present this place to anyone 😉

We also have professional qualifications in:

~ two years It specialist

~ two years sales assistant

~ one and half years experience in the study the field of professional management at the University of Agriculture in Cracow City.

The ~ equivalent of qualifications GCSE English certificate

~ sales psychology certificate

~ we are currently studying creative media production and technology in City of Bristol College.

We have a mission:

~ to make your smile and enjoy!

~ worthy to represent the company’s level

~ Achieved and exceeded performance, budget and team goals

~ increasing profits

~ organizing facilities

~ increasing the importance of teamwork

~ Managed kitchen staff by, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, evaluating and enforcing discipline when necessary.

~ Maintained a skilled kitchen staff by properly coaching, counseling and disciplining employees.

~ Instructed new staff in proper food preparation, food storage, use of kitchen equipment and utensils, sanitation and safety issues.

~ Achieved and exceeded performance, budget and team goals.

~ Practiced safe food handling procedures at all times.

~ Trained, coached and mentored staff to ensure the smooth adoption of the new programme.

We love what we do and we are happy with every possible opportunity to show our level and draw inspiration from other people, in the future, we would like to become chefs ourselves and open our own restaurants.

If you are looking for people with an unusual approach to the subject, you are well and we are open to any job related to the field of gastronomy.

contact us by email:

Hello, FANS!

Yes, You must be him since you came here.

Support Us! Become the patron of Two Same Boys!

Link PayPal to support (monthly patronate):

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We run the WordPress blog, Youtube channel and Fan page for almost two years. During this time, we managed to achieve a lot. We have, however, come to a place where a further part requires a greater financial contribution … This is necessary if we want to further develop the channel and fan page in new directions. I know that many of you are not able to support us financially (I honestly would not want you to send your physical money to me), but there are many ways of support that do not require your money, but only the moment of free time and willingness. For you, it’s killing boredom, and for me a strong kick in a new direction of development.

How you can support? List some examples:

1.Let’s start with the help options for our, WordPress blog YouTube channel and Fan page.

2. Disabling Adblock on my channel, recommending to friends, sharing movies, posts: You know the funds from the YouTube website always depend on the number and unlocked ads.

3. Sending small donations or becoming the patron of our WordPress blog, YouTube channel, and Fan page can very support us very much.

We do not hide, we would like to invest in our promotions, but at this moment we are students, And do not just afford us for such expenses, therefore we have a limited budget.

How could we repay? In a simple way, writing articles about filming, photography and the entire subject related to media production, about which we learned and learn from lessons in the City of Bristol colleague. Sounds great?

Link paypal to support:

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Twitter: @TwoSameBoys

Carbon free Dining:


Thank you for all the help!


Two Same Boys

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