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The Really Quite Good British Cookbook


I am a man who has always been fascinated by the kitchen. I am a man who wants to win a Michelin star despite adversity, I am a man who almost all his life devoted to gastronomy, but I would never have this knowledge if not for the fact that I read a lot of books, and how to read these are which are valuable and those that have nice covers (jokes) but it is certainly a fact that this one draws your attention.


My name is David but I think you know, I’m currently a student but it does not bother me to spend my free time cooking, it’s something that relaxes me,
British cuisine is difficult to define, but this book does a great job of highlighting the range of influences different cultures have had, whether that’s Gordon Ramsay’s beef brisket with new potato piccalilli salad or Angela Hartnett’s seasonal dish of deep-fried courgette flowers in tempura batter.


I know that I spend long days with a book by the fireplace, for all those who have passions and want something delicious for myself to prepare I really recommend 😉


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Dawid Prochazka

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I was lucky to see television in the city!

I am currently in half term in colleague, if someone is not in the subject then this is the so-called break in classes for a week, I will admit that this is a popular statement because I’m not very good on the topic myself.

Half term is the perfect moment to visit the university because the whole university is practically empty and it’s a great time to quietly check it out took advantage of the opportunity and borrowed a stack of books that will definitely help in completing my course, did not even think of me and from so many interesting items can be found in the library.

Besides I noticed that not only the books are on the hand out, going quietly after the college I noticed that you can also find job offers, specially assigned study rooms, or even something to relax, movies or music, everything is in one place, so I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity because it really makes it easy for anyone who takes science seriously.

Below is a short shot introduction to today’s topics:

However, coming back to the merits, recently I had the opportunity to see the key moment of the production with my own eyes, that is, create a film recording and it turned out that I came to the perfect moment because everything was already set. If any of you are already on this topic, some time is aware of how long it takes to prepare for such a project, and the trouble of completing every detail can be embarrassing.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to thoroughly examine everything I needed for a general understanding the entire course of the process, but I managed to take a few photos and a short movie out of plan to see how this work looks like, but I would say that I would say that I was passionate about the media. For me, it is a very interesting topic and I will definitely try to write about it more. Catch the day, regenerate your strength, catch up, soon return to college and face new challenges.


Kamil Prochazka

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Good news! New and Improved iOS Sharing Extensions

New and Improved iOS Sharing Extensions!

Are you using the WordPress for iOS app on your mobile device? Our mobile team is excited to announce a big update to the share extension in the app.

The ability to share content from other apps is a core part of the iOS experience. Last fall, we decided that our share extension was overdue for a refresh, so we rolled up our sleeves and rethought the entire workflow for both iPhones and iPads. The result is a new and improved experience in version 9.6!

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When dreams it really matters to you!

I work of the gastronomy career and I already have some more than two years of experience in international restaurants with a rank of four and five stars. My professional goal is gaining experience in the best places related to the field of gastronomy. I m a person who always tries bringing organizations to the next phase of growth and development. Diligent and motivated to improve processes, streamline operations and increase revenue.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania city of bristol college green

But that it does not come out because I’m a bit rude or something like that, I’m currently studying at the university on the creative media production and technology profile and I do not have much time to work, and here he was next to, after classes or before. Why do I care so much about it? Recently I started the semester and I thought in the queue for coffee, that it would be nice to work in such a place because I would have the opportunity to meet great people from the university which would contribute to a better picture of the situation and impact on my reception (and think every person at the university, in my opinion, he is full of joy that he has the opportunity to study in this place, some probably even volunteer for it, and I would like to pay back a good job.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania city of bristol college green

Everyone will probably think that he is playing or something, and you’re right, there’s a catch, I’m shy … and he’s still working on my English speech.

I thought for a long time that it was a great idea to work in such a place, after a long time, if I already had a general picture of the entire university and a vision for improving the place, for sure the next stage I would like to become is a university ambassador who knew perfectly well what should be, what should be dealt with, and what should necessarily change, because the truth is that there is always something that can be done better or show that it can be someone better, and a perfect example can be me, what’s funny, to say the least, currently unemployed , worried about his future, college and dreams that were growing up in my childhood and I don’t let anyone destroy them!


Kamil Prochazka

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Still, constantly, always, permanently, everlastingly You still you are rock, Freddie Mercury! Bohemian Rhapsody review! Cinema Odeon.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania bohemian rhapsody movie poster

In a word of introduction … When I was still a teenager, I had a lot of boring time and for hours I could browse through websites in search of favorite music, one, the only day I found him by chance, I immediately felt it in my bones, music, performance, stage, band everything suited! And it started, I listened to the whole discography and I knew it was just the beginning, the beginning of a new way for me in the light of music!

As you probably already heard, or you are looking for yourself, the Bohemian Rhapsody film makes a great sensation, the cinema is filled to the brim, I’ve been twice and I feel that it’s not enough! Coming back to the subject, what is worth mentioning at the very beginning is the fact of choosing actors, just perfect for me. Why, because each of the characters has not only been reflected as tracing with real legends, you have the feeling that they look even better!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania bohemian rhapsody movie

Who in my opinion did the best? There is no such statement! However, it was worth to mention those in which I just fell in love … literally and figuratively:

Rami Malek Freddie Mercury
Lucy Boynton Mary Austin
Gwilym Lee Brian May
Aidan Gillen John Reid
Mike Myers Ray Foster
Ben Hardy Roger Taylor
Joseph Mazzello John Deacon

It’s great applause for this seven!

And what did the picture of the whole movie look like? You can not describe in words, however, what made me the most is the fact of the twists and turns of the action, emotions associated with the characters’ relationships, but above all the scenes where our legends were conferring! As for me, it was not possible to present it better to understand what the music really is and what kind of person you have to be, to get your vision caught up by the mass of fans!

Podobny obraz

Freddie Mercury had created his vision from childhood, a figure that would never pass away, every decision made was supported by his family and his beloved ones, and he himself wanted to convey one message that he wanted to be loved by everyone!


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania freddie mercury the best performance

As for the plot, I will not say a word, because every fan or no fan should have a sense of duty to go to the cinema to pay him a great tribute, and for those who have not had the chance or courage to meet with the great King Rock I recommend It’s very hot! For me it is obviously a rock movie, but it’s not over yet, I feel like a wave of subsequent films related to the theme of music is going on and I hope that it will remain for a long time, how to live without music?

With this rhetorical question, I leave you, have a nice day!

Do do do bah bah bah bah
O-kay !


Kamil Prochazka

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Beyond the beginning… First Man movie review! Cinema Odeon

If you’re looking for something similar in musical style to the extent of inception, this is a perfect example, I do not understand why it still has such poor popularity but I bet it will change soon …

Appollo 11 Launch soundtrack from First Man by Justin Hurwitz

Apollo 11 Launch

And as for the film amazing for me, the best scene of Landing and the emotions associated with it, and the soundtrack given below woke up in me delight …

For me Steven Spielberg proved that the moon landing could be directed and shot really on our earth, and what is you opinion?

My opinion is that Ryan Gosling played the role brilliantly, and the whole disc should be found in every film music connoisseur!

The Landing soundtrack from First Man by Justin Hurwitz

The Landing

And what is your purpose for today?

Writet by:

Kamil Prochazka

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Before Michelin Star – I write my own book!


Outline of the story:

The last two days were for us a lesson and answers to the questions, thanks to which we have a new goal without changing the existing ones, bearing in mind that not everyone can agree, we will not stop us from fulfilling our dreams, to our fans, we give thanks and promise that we will not give up and we will try to face every new obstacle with honor.



Kamil Prochazka