Still, constantly, always, permanently, everlastingly You still you are rock, Freddie Mercury! Bohemian Rhapsody review! Cinema Odeon.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania bohemian rhapsody movie poster

In a word of introduction … When I was still a teenager, I had a lot of boring time and for hours I could browse through websites in search of favorite music, one, the only day I found him by chance, I immediately felt it in my bones, music, performance, stage, band everything suited! And it started, I listened to the whole discography and I knew it was just the beginning, the beginning of a new way for me in the light of music!

As you probably already heard, or you are looking for yourself, the Bohemian Rhapsody film makes a great sensation, the cinema is filled to the brim, I’ve been twice and I feel that it’s not enough! Coming back to the subject, what is worth mentioning at the very beginning is the fact of choosing actors, just perfect for me. Why, because each of the characters has not only been reflected as tracing with real legends, you have the feeling that they look even better!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania bohemian rhapsody movie

Who in my opinion did the best? There is no such statement! However, it was worth to mention those in which I just fell in love … literally and figuratively:

Rami Malek Freddie Mercury
Lucy Boynton Mary Austin
Gwilym Lee Brian May
Aidan Gillen John Reid
Mike Myers Ray Foster
Ben Hardy Roger Taylor
Joseph Mazzello John Deacon

It’s great applause for this seven!

And what did the picture of the whole movie look like? You can not describe in words, however, what made me the most is the fact of the twists and turns of the action, emotions associated with the characters’ relationships, but above all the scenes where our legends were conferring! As for me, it was not possible to present it better to understand what the music really is and what kind of person you have to be, to get your vision caught up by the mass of fans!

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Freddie Mercury had created his vision from childhood, a figure that would never pass away, every decision made was supported by his family and his beloved ones, and he himself wanted to convey one message that he wanted to be loved by everyone!


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania freddie mercury the best performance

As for the plot, I will not say a word, because every fan or no fan should have a sense of duty to go to the cinema to pay him a great tribute, and for those who have not had the chance or courage to meet with the great King Rock I recommend It’s very hot! For me it is obviously a rock movie, but it’s not over yet, I feel like a wave of subsequent films related to the theme of music is going on and I hope that it will remain for a long time, how to live without music?

With this rhetorical question, I leave you, have a nice day!

Do do do bah bah bah bah
O-kay !


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