How to make rice for sushi? Sweet and sour sushi foundation for begginers!

If you decided to cook rice for sushi yourself, you’ve hit it great! It is not as difficult as it might seem. however, you need to stick to a few basic points, and everything will be fine πŸ™‚ The best solution is to have a special rice cooker. However, only a few can afford such a solution. That’s why I will show you how to cook wonderful rice in home conditions, without special equipment. Just like the Japanese did when no one came up with miracles like a rice cooker πŸ™‚

Essential products:

– sushi rice – special, glutinous, fine-grained – 500g

– rice vinegar – 14 tablespoons

– sugar – 7 tablespoons

– salt – 1 tbsp

If we already have everything, we can start!

Preparing rice for cooking:

We will start by thoroughly rinsing the rice in cold water.

For rinsing, I recommend a large bowl, so that each grain has a chance of a good rinsing.

We pour all the water and repeat the action 4-5 times until the water is clear.

Rinse the washed rice with cold water, so that the whole is covered and leave for 10 minutes.

For cooking rice is best suited pot with a thick bottom and lid.

The burner which we will use should occupy the size of the whole pot so that the rice cooks evenly.

The ratio of rice to water during cooking is 1: 1.5. So the water as much as the entire volume of rice and a little πŸ™‚

We cover the pot with a lid.

Wait for the water to boil, then you can slightly mix the rice so that it does not burn.

We mix the power of the burner to the smallest and cook after covering 10 minutes.

Do not take off the lid, it is very important that the rice has its own microclimate πŸ™‚

Remove the pot from the fire and leave for 10-15 minutes to evaporate, keep the rice under the cover.

During the game, the rice evaporates, we will prepare the whole essence of the flavor – that is, the rice filling:

In a pot, slightly heat rice vinegar, do not cook.

We add sugar and salt to taste. Mix thoroughly so that all ingredients combine with each other.

If the rice has already evaporated, we throw it into a bowl.

It is important that the bowl is not too small, it will help in a good combination of rice and the pickle.

Lightly chop the cooked rice and pour it with our mixture.

We need to mix it thoroughly so that it does not have any lumps, but also not too much to damage the grains of rice.

At the beginning, we repeat the action every 5-10 min, preferably when the rice is still steaming. Then it floods perfectly infiltrates, and our rice has a great, rich flavor πŸ™‚

If the rice is not steaming anymore, it should be mixed from time to time so that no lumps will form.

If our rice is already at room temperature, we can proceed!

Remember not to put hot rice on nori! Nori quickly absorbs all moisture and will be more susceptible to damage πŸ™

I hope that my culinary instruction will be useful to you πŸ™‚

I encourage everyone to make sushi at home! It’s really great fun! But I will write about it in subsequent entries πŸ™‚




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