13 reasons why you should meditate

Have you ever wondered how many thoughts an average person has during the day? In many sources this value varies between 12,000 and 70,000, but 50,000 can be taken for an average! Did you think that you have up to 50,000 thoughts during the day? You allow your body to rest while sleeping but what about your mind ?! He works at all hours of the day and night without rest, even when you are asleep. Meditation is the only way that your mind rests.

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Reasons to meditate:

The most appealing argument to me are the results of the American Journal of Cardiology: among meditators, the death rate for cancer is 49% lower, the rate of death from heart and blood vessel disease is 30% lower and the overall death rate is lower by 23%, compared with people who do not meditate!

Research conducted on Buddhist monks shows that meditation causes long-term changes in brain activity, improving mental abilities, memory, learning ability and concentration, sharpens the senses and increases sensitivity to external and internal stimuli.

It reduces the need for oxygen and energy, slows breathing and reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, increases the body’s immunity.

Meditation helps to fight depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, insomnia, addictions, phobias, PMS.

It makes you have more control over your emotions, you gain self-discipline, and at the same time help you know yourself and keep your inner balance.

It silences the mind, allows you to achieve inner peace, listen to yourself, making it easier for you to contact your subconscious or develop intuition.

Freeing you from your thoughts gives you clarity of mind, thanks to which you will focus and you will be able to rationally solve your problems, so it is an ideal starting point before exercises that help you discover your passion.

By increasing the production of serotonin, it causes a sense of happiness and improves mood and protects against its fluctuations.

Meditation makes it easier for you to relax your body and at the same time give you energy.

It increases self-confidence, courage and builds internal motivation, and at the same time strengthens self-confidence.

It relaxes, reduces the level of stress, freeing you from anxiety.

It makes you try not to judge, you are less stubborn, you develop empathy, which improves your relationships with other people and you have a sense of unity.

In the morning, it puts you in a good mood, helps you relax during the day, and in the evening is a good introduction to sleep.

I start and finish my every day with meditation. Also when I feel tired of work, I sit down and meditate for 10 minutes, in this way I cleanse my thoughts and calm my mind and gain energy for further work, I am more creative and I want to act again.

For many years I made a mistake, because I let only my body rest by forgetting my mind. It was only when I started to meditate that I realized how much I think … Also when I went to sleep, I had thousands of thoughts for a minute and I could not calm down in any way, which often prevented me from falling asleep. Thanks to meditation, I understand myself and others better.

It is worth spending ten minutes a day for your mind and starting to meditate. The effects will exceed your expectations. Now it’s time for you!



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