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Greetings from New Format! Let’s tell something about us;)

Let us show you something, because in the end we want to advertise … But with the rules and in accordance with our conscience.

New Format was founded in January 2017 and has been progressing month by month since then. Our main value is building trust and credibility and that is why we only work with selected partners while maintaining full independence. We believe that such an approach to our passion will allow us to create a reliable and stable source of information for thousands of fans of online entertainment.

The most visible form of cooperation is placing an advertising banner on the right side of the website. It is visible both on the homepage and in every article.

Sponsored article, which will deal with the topic chosen by the partner, but will be written in a style that does not differ from the other entries on the website and with the objective opinion of the author.

A very effective form of advertising is placing it in a selected article, which has a reputation and is very well positioned in the search engine. Some entries are invariably popular and are visited by thousands of users every month, ensuring a steady stream of new customers.

We are open to unique and innovative topics, so if you want to talk about something, write to us!

Please contact us by e-mail: