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GeForce Now 2.0.27: Update Brings Chrome Support to Windows and macOS

GeForce Now came at a monthly frequency of updating its apps, but, due to the year-end holidays, version 2.0.27 took a few more time to arrive. But it’s here!

Expanding native Google Chrome support

Among the latest features of GeForce Now 2.0.27 we can highlight the support for Windows Chrome and macOS. Just click on start playing (if you are in a unsupported region, you will need a VPN, even if you are Founders. We recommend the Game Enable VPN, which focuses on cloud gaming platforms.).

Previously this Chrome support was only available on Chromebooks. If you wanted to use GeForce Now in a browser outside of that operating system, you would have to use Chrome extensions. On some devices it was already possible to access without the need for these extensions, but reading the official NVIDIA changelog it’s possible to understand that there was still no support, even though it was possible to play through the browser.

In version 2.0.27 you can also add desktop shortcuts to any game, directly through the browser. Just open the game details in the GeForce Now catalog and click +SHORTCUT.

Invite a friend to play

In web versions, you can now share with your friends the URL of any GeForce Now game. This makes it easy to tell others where to find a game, but you’ll still need a GeForce Now account to play it.

To share, just click on any game to open the detail options. Then copy the browser URL and share it on social media, by text message or email. Make yourself at home.

Other additions

GeForce Now 2.0.27 is now available for Mac devices with Apple M1 chip and have added native IME keyboard for Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.


  • If you changed your keyword to non-English, you can now enter alphabetical keys during streaming.
  • The correct filters will now be applied when you switch from Ansel to FreeStyle.
  • You will no longer see an infinite spinner in the feedback dialog if you lose your network connection.
  • The setup page will no longer freeze after pressing the Snap button when using Ansel.
  • Fixed an issue where the store name (Steam, Epic, or Gog) was repeated on the game details screen on the GeForce Now library screen
  • GeForce NOW will automatically update correctly after clicking Relaunch Now on macOS Big Sur.
  • Your favorite game store will now be properly selected when you launch a game for the second time

Source: NVIDIA

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