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Google Stadia review February 2021: Finally worth it, with plenty of room to grow

Despite the fact that I was an early adopter of Google Stadia and pre-ordered the Founder’s Edition the same day it was revealed, it would be a stretch to say I was “happy” with the platform over the first eight or so months. Not only was it lacking many of the kinds of games I actually wanted to play, but it was missing features and just felt incomplete. It was as if they were charging me to beta test the product after suckering me in with the appealing marketing messages.

And after using Stadia for over a year, I feel even more strongly about those first eight months. Google was wrong to launch Stadia the way that it did, in the state that it did, and I think it significantly harmed the reputation of not only Stadia but cloud gaming services as a whole.

After all that time though, roughly 13 months later, I’m here to say that Stadia is finally worth it. You can access the platform on virtually any of your devices, from your TV and PC to your phone and tablet, including both Android and iOS, and the library is huge. Exciting exclusive features like State Share have arrived and Ubisoft+ offers a slew of AAA games for a low subscription fee. Some of the best Stadia Games Include the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 — which runs better than it does on PS4 and Xbox One — the Madden family of games, plus Destiny 2 is free for anyone even without Pro. Not to mention big titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Hitman 3 are starting to release on Stadia on the same date as other platforms. It’s an exciting and very promising time right now for Stadia.

There are still issues worth discussing and competition is certainly starting to heat up, but as it stands Stadia is actually good now — if your internet can handle it.