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Travelers, welcome to Mondstadt during the Windblume Festival!

“Windblume Snapshots” Community Photo Event
Participate in this photo-taking event with #GenshinImpact #WindblumeSnapshots to win Primogems!


Travelers, welcome to Mondstadt during the Windblume Festival!
Let’s celebrate the freedom and joy of the festival together!

The Community Photo Event “Windblume Snapshots” is about to begin! Share your Genshin Impact photos on social media for the opportunity to win Primogems and official merchandise sets! What are you waiting for? Hurry and use your in-game camera to record your Windblume Festival moments!

〓How to Participate〓

  1. Take an in-game photo related to the theme of “”Windblume Snapshots.”” It must comply with the Event Rules.”
    (There are no restrictions for photo style or content.)
  2. Place your photo within the official photo frame, then post your submission to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtags #GenshinImpact #WindblumeSnapshots
    (Official Photo Frame Download Link:
    Your participation is considered successful once the two steps above have been completed.

〓Event Duration〓
Content Submission Period: 03/22 12:00 – 03/29 23:59 (UTC+8)
Reward Announcement: 04/07 12:00 (UTC+8)
Reward Distribution Period: Starting from 04/12. Due to the ongoing pandemic, delivery times for physical prizes may be prolonged.
Event Rewards
300 Primogems (100 Travelers)
Official Mondstadt Character Merchandise Set (30 Travelers)

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