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Days Gone 2 will not be created, Bend Studio is working on a new project

Bend Studio is undoubtedly industry veterans (the company has existed since 1993, although it took its current name only after it was acquired by Sony in 2000), but it had to wait more than a quarter of a century for wider fame. The Syphon Filter series has attracted quite a lot of fans over the years, but when developers were directed to work on PSP versions of hits from larger consoles, hearing about them was lost.

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And it’s not an exaggeration, because the premieres of Uncharted: Fight for Fortune and Days Gone were a good 9 years away. The bumpy fate of Deacon turned out to be a big hit (by the way, we can get to know them now thanks to PS Plus, and the game will hit PCs in the spring), although the first ratings did not indicate it. The fans seemed certain that the sequel would be created, although the players might have been disturbed by the departure of the director of “one” from the studio.

Bloomberg’s latest reports shed new light on the creator’s decision. Sony was not at all convinced that the Days Gone sequel would be successful, so instead split Bend into two teams. The first was to help Naughty Dog with an unannounced multi-player production, while the second was to take care of the new Uncharted (also under the supervision of colleagues). As a consequence, some employees (including those from the most important positions) left the studio, and the rest began to worry whether they would be taken over by the authors of The Last of Us in the near future.

Bend’s board of directors has therefore asked to be removed from the Uncharted project. Sony listened to the developers and – according to Bloomberg sources – the studio has been working on its own completely new game for a month now. Of course, it is possible that the creators will return to Days Gone one day – as we wish them and ourselves (come on, Ninho, don’t cry, it will be fine).

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