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The world is alive with gossip. I wonder if any of this will prove to be true.

The world is alive with gossip. I wonder if any of this will prove to be true.

All of this will be revealed at their event next week. Rough transcription:

CDPR has a two-year plan to redesign Cyberpunk 2077 from scratch.

Their plan is that people who come back to recreate it will experience something completely new.

Their goal is to make version “2.0” a completely different product, more focused on role-play, like it was at E3 2018.

A long taped apology is coming. They address fans and investors, explain why the game has bugs (hint: they got greedy), explain why the game lacks an RPG department. They say something about how they stunned their stars and changed the direction of the game way too late to focus more on the action and Johnny Silverhand, and apologize for not publicly announcing the change of direction They promise to keep those old promises by fixing the story to give players more freedom.

at least 10 free DLCs coming this year + additional content in patches. A short clip of the closest free DLC is shown and it’s a plastic surgeon (character gene) + new character customization options. They show silver-gold skin, scales, feathers, new eyes, hairstyles, metal jaws. They then tease the rest of the free DLCs and mention that they will include even more customizations, vertical city expansion, side quests, new guns.

there will be three paid DLCs, the first of which will appear next year and the rest after version 2.0.

say they will be fully focused on fixing bugs for now, and then move on to other, more complex issues such as lack of freedom of choice, AI (including the wanted system).

the multiplayer game has NOT been canceled. Although it will be integrated into the main game, rather than being a standalone product. It will be heavily table-based with the Gamemaster hosting sessions for up to 12 players. The game master can spawn entities and objects. There will also be a scenario (mission) editor. Unlike the main game, there will be a class system.

The text was translated quickly thanks to Google translator 👀

Do you believe that, for example – Cyberpunk 2077 is about to be “redesigned”?


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