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This week in World of Warcraft (4/21/21 – 4/27/21)

▪ World Boss Valinor, the Light of Eons found in the land of Bastion. SPECIAL EVENTS:
▪ World Quest Bonus Event, which is a reputation bonus for completed tasks.
Mythic Affixes:
▪ Mythic +2 TYRANNICAL – Each boss has 30% more HP and deals 15% more damage.
▪ Mythic +4 BOLSTERING – When we kill a mob, he will strengthen his allies (within 30yd) by 20% in damage and health.
▪ Mythic +7 NECROTIC – The melee attacks we receive inflict a debuff that deals damage over time and limits our healing. This spell lasts 9 seconds and is cumulative.
▪ Mythic +10 (SEASONAL) PRIDEFUL – Killing a certain number of mobs will make an enemy of Manifestation of Pride appear, killing them will strengthen players, increasing their damage and healing by 30%, movement speed by 60% and restoring 5% mana for a minute every second.