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You can now claim Daisy pet, now free on your Account!

Official Activision Blizzard message

Give Daisy a lift

Thank you for your generous donations to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) which have reached USD $1 Million! As a token of our gratitude, please welcome Daisy, the brand-new World of Warcraft sloth pet, to your collection. You can now claim Daisy free* on your Account!

To claim Bananas, the charity pet unlocked upon reaching USD $500,000 in donations, click here.

Meet Daisy, one of the most ponderous sloths in all of Azeroth. In between battles, take it easy and appreciate the world at her pace. When adventure calls again, simply /beckon, and she’ll happily hitch a ride hanging from your shoulders.

Don’t forget to pick up the previous pet as well:

Ape-solutely adorable companion

Thanks to your generous donations to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) which have surpassed USD $500,000, Bananas, the monkey pet, has been unlocked and can now be claimed free* on your Account!

To claim Daisy, an adorable sloth pet unlocked upon reaching USD $1 Million in donations, click here. 

Born on an island off the coast of Stranglethorn Vale, little Bananas is a son of King Mukla, a fierce leader of Skymane Gorillas. Luckily, Bananas fell far from the tree and his gentle disposition makes him an ideal travel companion who will brighten your days on Azeroth and beyond.