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We are presenting the new Facebook Portal.

A whole new way to share stories

Story Time starts with the magic of well-loved stories and brings them to life with music, animation and AR effects. Don’t just read the story, be the story.

Story Time with Portal
Bedtime stories from a land far away

Bedtime stories from a land far away

Feel the bond of reading stories together, even if you can’t be in the same room. Animated characters and imaginative masks inspired by each story help keep everyone engaged.

Portal Story Tiime is easy to use

As easy as opening a book

Activate Story Time at any time during a call, then read along with on-screen text and prompts. Story Time guides you through, step by step.

Long distance or side by side

Long distance or side by side

You don’t have to be on a call. You can also read Story Time stories while you’re together in the same room. Share the AR magic of Story Time, even if you’re sitting right next to each other.


The story continues

Portal comes with a library of stories built in, with more free stories added regularly. When a new story becomes available, you’ll see it appear within Story Time automatically.

Meet the new Portal family

Portal Go 10"


Portal Go logo



A built-in battery and 10″ display that you can take to any room.

Portal+ 14"


Portal Plus logo



A 14″ display immerses you in every moment.

Portal TV
Portal TV logo



Bring your favourite people to your biggest screen.

Portal 10" display
Portal logo



A 10″ display designed to fit your home.