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New year? New dragons. Soaring in for Preseason 2022, two new elemental drakes are landing on the Rift.

  • Hextech Drake


  • Chemtech Drake


True to her name, the Hextech Drake draws her power from hextech augmentations, creating Hex-gates that allow players to warp across the Rift. Slaying the Hextech Drake will grant your team bonus attack speed and ability haste.

Capturing the Hextech Soul will bestow a chain lightning effect on players’ basic attacks and abilities that will slow any zapped enemies. Lightning from those attacks can also chain up to four nearby enemies, repeating the effect.

Hextech Drake


Objective Bounties is a new mechanic that activates when a team falls sufficiently behind their opponents. Bounties grant losing teams more strategic options for a comeback, allowing teams to turn the match around by taking objectives marked with bounties.

The catch? Once activated, objectives are highlighted on the minimap for both teams, so there’s a chance for the team ahead to stay, well, ahead by denying the losing team their bounty. However, if the team that’s behind successfully takes a highlighted objective, every member of their team will receive additional gold.


A number of Mythic and Legendary items are coming to the Item Shop during Preseason 2022. Take a look through each item and see what you may be saving up for the next time you’re on the Rift.

We’re hoping that these new additions will give players more itemization options and we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for your feedback!


New Mythic item for mages that grants users ability power, health, mana, and ability haste. Crown of the Shattered Queen also has a unique passive effect that applies Safeguard which reduces incoming champion damage for a period of time after the holder takes damage. While Safeguarded, the holder also gains bonus ability power.

Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items bonus movement speed and health.


New Mythic item for tanks that grants health, ability haste, armor, and magic resist. Evenshroud’s unique passive applies Repent on immobilized enemy champions and all nearby enemies, increasing the damage they take for a short period of time.

Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items bonus armor and magic resistance.


New Legendary item for mages that grants holders ability power and health. Shadowflame’s unique passive grants additional damage based on bonus magic penetration, based on the target’s current health. Holders can also deal the maximum damage if the target was recently affected by shields.


New Legendary item for assassins that grants holders attack damage, lethality, and ability haste. Axiom Arc’s unique passive refunds a percentage of the holder’s ultimate’s cooldown if an enemy champion dies within a period of having damaged the holder.


New Legendary item for tanks that grants holders health, mana, and ability haste. Winter’s Approach’s unique passive gives the holder bonus mana when they strike a target with an ability or basic attack and consume a charge. When the maximum bonus mana is reached, this item transforms into Fimbulwinter.


Fimbulwinter is the transformed version of Winter’s Approach. Immobilizing an enemy champion (or slowing a melee champion) consumes a percentage of the holder’s current mana and grants a shield, absorbing damage. The shield is increased if more than one enemy is nearby.





A few keystones are being reworked for Preseason 2022.


    Lethal Tempo now gives attack speed for a certain duration when the champion is striking at least one enemy champion with each attack. This effect will stack and, when capped, give additional attack range and attack speed.


    When holding Glacial Augment, Immobilizing an enemy champion will cause three glacial rays to emanate from them to you and other nearby champions, creating frozen zones for a few seconds that will slow enemies and reduce their damage against your allies (not including yourself).


    Prototype: Omnistone’s replacement, First Strike grants gold and causes your attacks or abilities to deal extra damage against champions when the player damages an enemy before taking damage themselves.