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New Announcing Hearthstone’s Next Expansion! Fractured in Alterac Valley!

Whats is coming on?

November 16th, 2021

Hearthstone's next expansion takes place in Alterac Valley!


Fractured in Alterac Valley

Hearthstone’s Newest Expansion

The temperature is low, but the tensions are high on this storied battlefield, where the Horde and the Alliance fight for honor and shards of a fallen naaru. The two factions are locked in eternal battle, and have put out a call for new Heroes to help turn the tide. Take key Objectives and secure Honorable Kills to help your faction claim victory! The conflict is inevitable, and you must pick a side. So come, claim your place as a champion among those who are Fractured in Alterac Valley!

New game board is Alterac Valley themed

Fractured in Alterac Valley will launch worldwide on December 7, with 135 new collectible cards! You can find the full schedule for card reveals, and see which cards were announced today, by visiting the card library, here. Check back frequently—the list will be updated with new cards as they’re revealed!

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Heroes of the Alliance and Horde

After clearing the Barrens, the Wailing Caverns, Stormwind, and the Deadmines, our mercenaries are max level and ready to lead their faction to victory! Each class will have a new Hero Card with powerful Battlecries and Hero Powers that can shape the course of battle!

Head over to for card details!
Head over to for card details!
Head over to for card details!
Head over to for card details!
Head over to for card details!

New Keyword: Honorable Kill

Despite the bitter hostilities between the factions, remember to fight with honor! Cards with the new Honorable Kill keyword have a bonus effect if they deal exact lethal damage to kill an enemy minion on your turn!

Head over to for card details!
Head over to for card details!

Fight for Objectives

Never fall back! Alterac Valley is full of strategic Objectives that you can claim and use to your benefit in battle. Objectives are spells with effects that last for three turns! Press your advantage while you still have it, and swing the fight in your favor!

Head over to for card details!
Head over to for card details!

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Log in to Choose Your Faction and Free Legendary!

Head over to for card details!

Epic battles are defined by great leaders. Log in to Hearthstone after the 21.8 patch goes live and you will be prompted to choose between the Horde’s Drek’Thar and the Alliance’s Vanndar Stormpike, two neutral Legendary cards from the Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion. By choosing your side, you will choose one of the two to receive a Golden copy of for free, available to play immediately! Limit one per account.

This is a weighty choice that should not be made lightly! After the expansion launches, you will fight for your faction in order to earn prizes and the ultimate honor of your faction’s legendary being a free Diamond card for the set! But don’t fret, part of the post-expansion journey will include you getting a Golden copy of the enemy faction’s leader, too.

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Phase 3 Roadmap Recap

Fractured in Alterac Valley will kick off Phase 3 of the Year of the Gryphon. Phase 3 is on track to include a Battlegrounds update, a seasonal event, and more solo experiences. We will also continue to bring updates to Traditional Hearthstone, Duels, Mercenaries, Tavern Brawls, and Solo Experiences. Take a look at the Roadmap through the end of the Hearthstone year:

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Year of the Gryphon Roadmap! Phase 3 is the same as it was before.

Pre-Purchase Fractured in Alterac Valley

The Fractured in Alterac Valley Mega Bundle includes 80 Fractured in Alterac Valley card packs, five Golden Fractured in Alterac Valley card packs, two random Golden Legendary Fractured in Alterac Valley cards, the Vanndar Stormpike alternate Warrior hero and Card Back, Battlegrounds Perks*, five Mercenaries Packs, and a Legendary Mercenary Card.** Battlegrounds Perks, Mercenaries items, and the Vanndar Stormpike alternate Warrior hero and Card Back are awarded right away; Fractured in Alterac Valley items will be available once the expansion goes live.

The mega bundle includes so much stuff!

The Fractured in Alterac Valley Pre-Purchase Bundle includes 60 Fractured in Alterac Valley card packs, two random Fractured in Alterac Valley Legendary cards, and a new Vanndar Stormpike Card Back!

The Standard Bundle is another great option.


* Battlegrounds Perks are available upon purchase and expire at the end of the Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion cycle.

** If you already own all Legendary Mercenary Cards at the time of your pre-purchase, you will be given 100 coins for a random Legendary Mercenary, instead.

The 21.8 patch launches today and includes updates to card balance changes, updates to Battlegrounds, Mercenaries, and Arena, and more. Check out the patch notes here for details!

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