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New controllers and official color panels for PlayStation 5 will hit the market in January 2022.

The Japanese manufacturer has just presented new accessories for PlayStation 5. Already in January 2022 we will receive three new colors of Sony DualSense controllers. Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple will join the now available Cosmic Red and Midnight Black versions.

However, the second Sony proposition is much more interesting. The long-awaited color panels will finally hit the market, allowing you to change the look of the PS5. Unfortunately, they will not be available for the premiere in our country. The list of countries where covers can be purchased, however, is to be expanded during the year, so it remains to be hoped that after some time the offer will also appear in Poland. For now, it is not known how much such pleasure will cost.

Source: PlayStation Blog

What do you think, what will the price of the PlayStation 5 panels be? Are you interested in unfastening your console or buying a Sony to Wasn’t there any talk?

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