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The first year of the Xbox Series – successes and failures of the new generation of Microsoft consoles

The Xbox brand looks completely different now than a few years ago. The premiere of the Xbox Seriesturned out to be extremely successful, and the consoles are very popular. After a completely unsuccessful Xbox One marketing campaign, which resulted in a sales flap, Phil Spencer took over the position of brand manager. It is he who is considered to be the father of the success of the new generation. However, it cannot be denied that the main goal of Microsoft is not to sell consoles and games, but to focus the gaming community around the Game Pass service. For this reason, exclusive Xbox Series games are also available on PCs at the same time. Is it wrong? You have to judge for yourself.

As in the  last year , we have prepared for you a summary of the most important events in the industry. Hunters, it’s time to check how the Xbox Series consoles were doing in Poland  in 2021.

Availability of the Xbox Series – and it was supposed to be so beautiful

The starting price of the Xbox Series X was set at PLN 2,249. The smaller, devoid of drive, Xbox Series S was priced at PLN 1349. Despite many differences, not only in appearance, but above all in the installed components, both devices are to be able to handle all games that will be released in the coming years without any problems.

While there is no major problem with finding XSS on store shelves, and often at a lower price than the premiere price, in the case of XSX it is not so sweet. The story unfolded almost exactly like Sony’s. First, scalpers appeared, trying to sell devices a few hundred zlotys more expensive, and then store kits stuffed with ridge and accessories. From time to time, it was possible to buy the device at the premiere price in the MS Store, but it has not appeared there for a long time. Currently, it is practically impossible to buy a “bare” console for MSRP.

The situation of Xbox One in 2021

Aside from better graphics, faster loading times and improvements in the form of Auto HDR and FPS Boost, owners of Microsoft’s older consoles had no reason to complain. Apart from Microsoft Flight Simulator, none of the big titles missed the console representing the past generation. Next year it will be a bit worse, because both Starfield and STALKER 2 will come exclusively to the Xbox Series X | S. However, this is not yet a reason to ditch the old gene.

Xbox One is not going to die for a long time yet. All thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming . The possibility of playing in the cloud has recently also been available on consoles. For now, this is primarily a curiosity, but in a year or two, when an increasing number of games will only hit the new generation, this option may turn out to be a real gamechanger. Why? Because you won’t have to replace your worn-out console to keep enjoying your new games. All you need is a good internet connection.

Xbox Game Pass in 2021 – the best subscription for gamers?

At the time of writing this paragraph, Xbox Game Pass has a total of 432 games. Its computer equivalent, recently called PC Game Pass , is slightly smaller and offers 399 items. All this for a fixed monthly fee of PLN 40. But… as you probably well know, there’s also Game Pass Ultimate. It consists of the two services mentioned above, and also includes an Xbox Live Gold subscription, EA Play on consoles and the previously mentioned streaming option. All this for PLN 55 a month, although thanks to numerous promotions and offers, this price can be significantly reduced.

At the beginning of the year, the service enjoyed 18 million active users. At the end of April, there were already 23 million subscribers. What is the situation today? It is not known. A hint may be the statement by the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, Strauss Zelnick, who at the end of October mentioned “about 30 million subscribers”.

Game Pass would not be such a strong point of the program if it were not for Xbox Game Studios. 23 teams, which include, among others 8 Bethesda Softworks teams are constantly working on new games for Xbox consoles and PCs. All of them will be included in the subscription on the day of their premiere. The first effects of the work could be seen at the end of this year, on the occasion of the debut of Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. If you want to find out what interesting will come to the service in 2022, check out this article .

It is also worth mentioning a small image slip from the beginning of the year. In January, Microsoft announced changes to the price list for Xbox Live Gold. After the negative reception of the news by the gaming community, the raises were quickly withdrawn.


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Backward Compatibility for Xbox Series X | S

Backward compatibility, i.e. the ability to run games from previous generations of consoles, is in part a standard in the industry. However, Xbox is coming out ahead with two tangible improvements. Thanks to them, running older games included in the subscription (and not only) is much more pleasant.

First of all – FPS Boost , i.e. Microsoft’s proprietary technology, responsible for increasing the number of frames per second in selected older games. The list of titles that received support already has nearly 150 items and is still being expanded with new productions. You can find a constantly updated list on the Major Nelson website .

Second – Auto HDR . Special functionality designed for Xbox Series consoles. It works by using artificial intelligence to automatically convert SDR image to HDR. The result is a significant improvement in the quality of the image displayed on the screen. In particular, it is about lighting that has a direct impact on how the colors appear on the display. Both functions can be easily disabled from the console menu.

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