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Mini overview of Chernobylite deals – the best indie game of 2021 according to the Indie DB community

Chernobylite was named the best indie game of 2021 in the recently concluded India of the Year 2021 poll by Indie DB . The production of The Farm 51 studio from Gliwice, kept in the convention of survival horror, defeated, among others The Forgotten City, Solasta: Crown of the Magister, and the popular card game – Inscryption. It is worth mentioning that Chernobylite is not the only representative of the Polish gamedev in the top ten. On the ninth ranked Gamedec , created by Katowice Anshar Studios.

In the expansion of the entry you will find the current promotions on Chernobylite . Thanks to the Epic Coupon, the price of Chernobylite for PC is now extremely attractive. The game can be purchased for £10!

  1. Chernobylite
  2. Hedon Bloodrite
  3. The Forgotten City
  4. Forgive Me Father
  5. Solasta: Crown od the Magister
  6. Rise of Humanity
  7. Dread Templar
  8. Inscryption
  9. Gamedec
  10. Vagrus – The Riven Realms

Have you played Chernobylite yet? What’s your favorite 2021 Indie game?

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