15 indie games of 2021 that you may not have heard about and worth playing

15 indie games of 2021 that you may not have heard about and worth playing

The indie games market is developing at an extremely fast pace. The best-selling indie games of 2021 were able to sell hundreds of thousands of copies, while offering a quality that was often lacking in high-profile AAA productions. Not to mention the very idea for the game, often breaking out of the usual patterns, thanks to which players could count on completely new, unique experiences. As they say, “small is beautiful”, which is why this time we use turkeys as a wallpaper!

Hunters, it’s time to take a look at the most interesting indie games released in 2021 that you could have missed in the multitude of other titles.

Curse of the Dead Gods – 02/23/2021

Curse of the Dead Gods is an isometric roguelike hack’n’slash. The main character of Passtech Games is a daredevil who plunder temples in search of riches, power and immortality. In the basement, however, not only treasures, but also various adversities await him, including the title curses. They can both weaken and strengthen the protagonist, often requiring a sudden change in the style of play.

Genesis Noir – 03/26/2021

It cannot be denied that Genesis Noir stands out. Although not everyone will look favorably at the original artistic style, it is worth breaking through to get to know the intriguing, surreal plot. The best indie games can often surprise you, and this is also the case here. Throughout the game, the creators play with the term “Big Bang”, which results in various intriguing situations.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale – 06/10/2021

A nice production that allows you to play the role of a pooch with a magic brush, used to color the world. All the mechanics related to the puzzles are based on painting. By making the world colorful, you also push the plot forward. It is worth looking at every corner. The creators carefully concealed the improvements and cosmetic elements that can be used to decorate the pet and its home.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights – 6/21/2021

Demanding metroidvania with action set in a ruined kingdom, ravaged by… rain. The unusual precipitation turns all living creatures into bloodthirsty monsters that the main character, Lily, will have to face during her journey. A priestess girl uses the skills of her defeated opponents in combat, so she becomes more and more powerful with each boss.

Eldest Souls – 07/29/2021

The Elden Ring is about to premiere so soulslike fans will be satisfied for a long time. Before this happens, however, it is worth getting ready for action. Eldest Souls is a two-dimensional representative of this respected genre. The action of the game takes place in a dark fantasy world on the verge of total destruction. The only salvation for the world is a lone warrior who decides to eliminate the gods.

Axiom Verge 2 – 11/08/2021

6 years have come to wait for the sequel to Axiom Verge, a metroidvania warmly received by players. The second installment of the series is again the responsibility of Tom Happ, who independently created the game from scratch (unless we consider his dog Max as a collaborator). The gameplay in the sequel is based on the same mechanics as the original, which means that you will again visit new locations, fighting with numerous opponents and avoiding traps.

Boyfriend Dungeon – 8/11/2021

The best indie games are not afraid of experiments. And while not everything turned out to be perfect with Boyfriend Dungeon, it is impossible to appreciate the original mix of genres. We are dealing here with a combination of a dungeon crawler, roguelike, visual novel and … a dating simulator. Little? What if we add to this that the other half of the hero is his weapon? And the chances of her returning feelings depend, among others, on from how often we talk to and use it? 😉

Garden Story – 11/08/2021

How much all these agricultural RPGs have already been. The indie games debuting on the market in 2021 added a few more items to the long list, including Garden Story. The main character of this production is a charming grape. Gameplay is unlikely to surprise anyone. You need to fight monsters, develop the village and establish friendly relations with other sheep. There will also be farming.

The Artful Escape – 9/09/2021

In the category of the most outstanding indie games of 2021, The Arful Escape would have a great chance of winning. All thanks to the extremely colorful graphics, stylized to resemble music videos from the 70s and 80s, as well as a brilliant soundtrack, created by one of the former members of the rock band The Galvatrons. Sounds play a very important role here. While playing, he gathers new recordings and composes his own songs from them. These songs can be used later, for example, when fighting the enemy.

Eastward – 09/16/2021

While at first glance, Eastward doesn’t stand out too much from typical turkey RPGs, it actually has “that something” that makes the gameplay feel like a swamp. An interesting plot about the world of the future falling into ruin and its inhabitants deserves a plus. The graphics also add to the attractiveness of the production. In this matter, you can see a lot of inspiration from classic animations from years ago.

Tails of Iron – 09/17/2021

Tails of Iron is an inconspicuous action game with RPG and soulslike elements that can really give even the most seasoned players a hard time. The main character of the production is Redgi the rat, heir to the throne. The rodent kingdom, however, falls victim to the attack of frog warriors, as a result of which the protagonist has to take the sword and fight the invader. Hand-drawn graphics put this title on a pedestal in the eye-catching indie games of 2021.

Unsighted – 09/30/2021

Unsighted allows players to play the role of a female android traveling through a dystopian cyberpunk world, namely a city called Arcadia. After the great war between humans and robots, the metropolis fell into disrepair, and the androids were on the brink of extinction. Anima, the energy that brings consciousness to automatons, is depleted very quickly, causing the mechanical characters to slowly lose consciousness. So hurry up to save as many of them as possible. Procrastination too long can drive a creature insane before we get to it. Each lost or saved unit has an impact on the plot and its ending.

Unpacking – 2.11.2021

Everyone likes moving. Packing everything into boxes, transport, and then taking out all the goods and spreading them in their new place of residence. A few days taken from the biography … Fans of this dubious entertainment will probably not appreciate Unpacking (because nothing is packed here, the title focuses on the final stage of changing the place of residence), but all those who are looking for something relaxing and peaceful should be satisfied. The perfect title to relax after a hard day, though, sometimes you will have to move your head 🙂

Praey for the Gods – 12/14/2021

In Praey for the Gods you can see a lot of inspiration, released only on PlayStation, Shadow of the Colossus. In December, the title left the Early Access phase and was received very positively by the community. The action of the game takes place on a large, ice-covered island where the heroine is sent to discover the cause of the never-ending winter. When it turns out that the perpetrators are powerful gods, the girl has to fight them, whether she wants it or not.

what are your favorite indie games of 2021? How do you rate the turkey gaming industry in the past twelve months? Have the indie games of 2021 replaced your shortage of high-budget productions, or are you disappointed with what we got? Shops: 

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