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Ghostwire: Tokyo premiere – preorder, price, editions. Best PlayStation 5 and PC Exclusive Deals (updated)

The premiere of Ghostwire: Tokyo is scheduled for March 25 this year. Mark this date on your calendar if you like extraordinary games with a dark and mysterious atmosphere!

Before we focus on the price of Ghostwire: Tokyo in the pre-order, a few words about the plot πŸ™‚ A new production by talented developers from Tango Gameworks (Bethesda Softworks) takes players to the Japanese capital, where almost all residents have disappeared and the ghosts have taken their place and demons. The main character, one of the few survivors, becomes the only person who can discover what it is all about. In terms of gameplay, we will be dealing here with a combination of a first-person action game with elements of horror. Our way will be various scars, which we will have to send to another world with the help of weapons and special abilities.

Are you intrigued? Great! Then read on to see what the best promotions on Ghostwire are πŸ˜‰

UPDATE # 3 (March 12)

The game prices have been updated.
The first trailer for the new work of Tango Gameworks has already been shown at E3 in 2019. The video suggested that we would be dealing with another horror movie. However, the material was very mysterious and only with time new cards began to be revealed, showing that this production will also include a large dose of effective action, as evidenced by, among others, the trailer from last year.

Are you not convinced by the text description and trailer? Then take a look at the long gameplay from Ghostwire: Tokyo, which was shown in one of the presentations organized by Bethesda and Sony 😊

Also, remember that you can check out the Ghostwire: Tokyo prologue for free on the PS Store right now!

When will the reviews of Ghostwire: Tokyo get into gamers’ hands?

Unfortunately, we still have to wait for the Ghostwire reviews. The date of the embargo’s release has not been disclosed by the publisher, Bethesda, but we suspect that we will get acquainted with the texts a few days before the game debuts on store shelves. You can be sure that as soon as the critics’ opinions hit the net, this post will be updated with relevant information!

Editions of Tango Gameworks for PC and PS5

The game will hit the market in two editions – standard and Deluxe edition. The latter will include additional digital content such as the Shinobi Outfit and Kunai Weapons, and the Streetwear Outfit Pack.

Those who decide to pre-order Ghostwire: Tokyo will receive two other outfits: motorcyclist and Hannya.

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