Ukrainian gamedev is not only Metro 2033 – games from Ukraine that are worth giving a chance

Ukrainian gamedev is not only Metro 2033 – games from Ukraine that are worth giving a chance

as part of solidarity with Ukraine, we decided to take Ukrainian PC and console games as wallpapers and encourage you to support their creators πŸ™‚

The Ukrainian gamedev is associated primarily with the Metro series and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Our eastern neighbors, however, are also famous for many other titles, which, although they do not hit the top of the sales lists, provide a lot of first-class entertainment. Polish players have for many years appreciated the productions of GSC Game World, the authors of the cult Cossacks and the aforementioned Stalker. Studio 4A Games is famous for its trilogy about Artema, and Frogwares introduces great adventure games. Of course, these are not all talented developers from across the eastern border.

Few people know that the 4A Games studio, known primarily from the Metro trilogy, also created a VR game. ARKTIKA.1, until the release of Half Life: Alyx, was considered one of the most beautiful and interesting shooters available on virtual reality headsets. The action of the game was set several decades after the next Ice Age, at the beginning of the XXII century. Humanity was forced to settle near the equator without abandoning the exploitation of the rich deposits in the north. And it is the soldier who protects one of the mining colonies in the Arctic that the player plays.

Cossacks 3

Before S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl hit the market, GSC Game World were known as RTS specialists. In 2000, their first title hit the market – Cossacks: European Buoys. For the next 10 years, fans of the studio were also spoiled with other strategies, including American Conquest (i.e. Cossacks, but in the American realities), Heroes of Annihililated Empires, the second installment of Cossacks and numerous additions to the above-mentioned. production.

In December 2011, the studio was closed, but after 3 years, Ukrainian developers resumed their activities and announced work on the third installment of the Cossacks. The title was warmly received by players, offering a return to the roots of the brand. A characteristic feature of the production is the ability to fight large-scale battles. There may be as many as 10,000 units on the map at any given time.

Metro series

The Metro series does not need to be introduced to anyone Inspired by post-apocalyptic novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky, the series of first-person shooters shows players a vision of the world after a nuclear catastrophe. The first two editions – Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light are linear FPS, the action of which takes place mainly in claustrophobic tunnels near Moscow. Metro Exodus, on the other hand, opted for a more open gameplay (although it is still not open world), leaving the Russian capital at the same time. The creators have already announced the continuation, but we have not received any details about it yet.

Men of War

The first edition of Men of War was created by the Best Way studio from Ukraine. Developers have already dealt with real-time war strategies, working, inter alia, in over Faces of War and Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, but only Men of War became a world hit. The plot of the game was set in the realities of World War II, and players received a total of 19 missions in three separate campaigns.

The Men of War: Assault Squad sub-series is also quite popular, however, both titles included in the series are supervised by the German studio Digitalmindsoft, so they could not be included in art. presenting Ukrainian games.

Sherlock Holmes series

The series about the adventures of the most famous detective in the world already has 10 titles. The first productions about Sherlock Holmes were point-and-click adventure games, now they are closer to action games. However, the investigation still plays a significant role here. Fans of the hero created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his inseparable friend Watson can count on many puzzles waiting for them both in Victorian London (top 9 items) and on the fictional Mediterranean island in the latest Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. Released in 2021, the title is a prequel to the entire story, so you can safely start playing with it, without losing anything.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R series

In March 2007, the greatest and most ambitious work of GSC Game World debuted. S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Shadow of Chernobyl, because this is the title we are talking about, was ahead of those times, offering extensive gameplay combining elements of many genres. Despite the fact that the developers had to give up many of the announced functionalities, the game eventually achieved considerable commercial success. Soon after the premiere, two separate add-ons were also released, with the subtitles Czyste Niebo and Call of Pripyat. Already in 2010, the continuation of the story was announced, unfortunately in the meantime the studio broke up. Fortunately, the project was not abandoned and after the reactivation of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 returned to wallpaper, although it is difficult to judge when and whether it will be released on the market at all.

Both S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Shadow of Chernobyl and both expansions continue to enjoy popularity among players, thanks to the incredibly prolific modding scene.

Party Hard 2

Party Hard 2

Contrary to the title, this is not a production about partying πŸ˜‰ Party Hard 2 is a brutal action game with stealth elements. The title allows you to play the role of a psychopath who decides to take revenge on his bosses and colleagues for not receiving a Christmas bonus. The main goal of the game is to eliminate all characters on the map. However, this cannot be done in an open confrontation, because catching the protagonist red-handed is tantamount to the end of the game. Achieving the goal requires the use of appropriate tactics, the use of traps and weapons appropriate to a given situation.

The Sinking City

The Sinking City is, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, an action game with RPG and survival horror elements. The plot presents the events taking place in the 1920s, in the small American town of Oakmont, struggling with a flood caused by supernatural forces. The player controls the character of detective Charles W. Reed, who is faced with the task of discovering the causes of the cataclysm.

During the premiere of The Sinking City, it was not without controversy. According to Frogwares, the title was “stolen” by Nacon and released illegally on Steam. The case eventually went to court, but we have not known the outcome so far.

This Land is My Land

Most Wild West games show the situation from the cowboy’s perspective. This Land is My Land breaks out of the usual pattern, allowing you to play the role of a warrior of one of the indigenous tribes inhabiting the territory of the present United States. The player’s task is to defend the homeland against foreign invaders. The production puts a lot of emphasis on stealth and silent achievement of objectives. Equipped with a bow and melee weapons, the hero has no better chance in an open battle with a better armed opponent. The game offers complete freedom and the world is teeming with life. The other tribes are also fighting the enemy, which means that the situation on the map changes every now and then.

Ultimate General: Civil War

Ultimate General: Civil War is set during the American Civil War, which took place in 1861-1865. Players can take command of the military in over 50 historical bits, from modest skirmishes to massive large-scale skirmishes. As a general, you must lead your units to victory, while caring for the morale of the army and the lives of individual soldiers. During combat, soldiers gain experience, which directly translates into their combat abilities. So the loss of a well-trained unit is extremely painful.

Games from Ukraine – what next?

The war in Ukraine continues to escalate and there are no signs that it will end soon. GSC Game World has recently announced that work on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 have been suspended, posting a rather telling video at the same time. However, the creators did not give up on the project and intend to continue it as soon as the situation calms down. The December release date will probably not be met, but … that’s not the most important thing in this situation.

The situation is similar with the Men of War II announced a few months ago. The latest installment of the RTS series is being developed by the Ukrainian studio Best Way. However, the official website of the game has disappeared from the network in recent days, so it is not known how the future of this production will unfold.

Hunters, have you had the opportunity to play something other than Stalker and Metro? If you know recommendable Ukrainian games that did not appear in the above list, the comments section is yours πŸ™‚

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