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Kirby and the Forgotten Land premiere (, gameplay, release date) new Nintendo Switch exclusive game?

Are you interested in the current price of Kirby and the Forgotten Land in the pre-order? You hit it well 😊

On March 25, the premiere of Kirby and the Forgotten Land will take place , the new installment of the popular series of platformers with a nice, pink ball with a huge appetite. This time we will get the game in full 3D and with large, open locations, resembling those from, for example, the well-received Super Mario Odyssey. An interesting novelty will also be the Mouthful Mode, i.e. the possibility of swallowing larger objects, such as cars or vending machines, which will give Kirbie completely new possibilities: both during exploration and during clashes with opponents.

If you are interested in a new production exclusively for Nintendo Switch, please refer to the development of this post. There you will find the best Kirby and the Forgotten Land pre-sale promotions, both in digital and boxed versions.

UPDATE # 1 (3/18)

The game prices have been updated.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land reviews – when will we learn more about the game?

Unfortunately, we do not yet know when Kirby and the Forgotten Land reviews will appear on the web. Nintendo, however, got used to the fact that the embargo usually ends a few days before the premiere of the game itself, and it is very possible that it will be the same in this case.

If you do not want to wait for the opinions of critics, you can form your opinion about the upcoming production by watching the following gameplay from Kirby and the Forgotten Land . πŸ˜‰

Also, remember that the Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo is waiting for you on the Nintendo eShop , which allows you to get acquainted with several levels of the game!

which Nintendo heroes do you like best? Are you going to wait for bigger promotions on Kirby and the Forgotten Land or are you going to preorder?

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