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The Witcher 4 will be created using Unreal Engine 5 . This means that CD Projekt Red studio will give up its proprietary technology called REDengine after more than 10 years. The disclosed confidential documents indicate that the 3-month-long negotiations between CDPR and Epic Games were completed yesterday, with the signing of an agreement allowing the Polish company to use the Unreal Engine for the next 15 years, with a possible extension.

So it turns out that REDengine will soon be dead. The engine that powers The Witcher 2, The Witcher 3, and Cyberpunk 2077 will still be used to create an expansion pack (or additions) to CP2077, after which it will be put back on the shelf. Why? In the extension of the entry you will find the reasons for such a decision, indicated by the CEO of CD Projekt – Adam Kiciński in a communication to the PAP Biznes agency.

According to Kiciński’s statement, the decision to switch to UE5 was caused by the desire to improve the technological aspect of the games being developed . The Epic Games engine, as well as the support from its developers, is designed to simplify development work. This will allow CDPR developers to focus fully on the creative process, rather than fighting against technological limitations. Switching to Unreal Engine, one of the most popular game development engines, will also simplify the recruitment of new employees. This will result in an increase in the pace of production of subsequent titles.

According to the company’s announcement, CD Projekt Red, under an agreement with Epic Games, has the right to create and publish an unlimited number of games based on Unreal Engine 5 and its possible successors. The companies are also expected to work closely together to best adapt the engine to handle large-scale open-world productions.

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How long do you think it will take to create The Witcher 4 ? Will the game hit store shelves by the end of 2025, or is it not likely to happen? What do you think about the technology change to Unreal Engine 5?

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