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Xbox Game Pass constantly encourages you to try new games

Microsoft reported statistics related to Xbox and PC Game Pass. They show that subscribers more often reach for new titles, and the games included in the service enjoy great interest.

Microsoft has shared new statistics on Xbox and PC Game Pass services. We learn from them, inter alia, that subscribers more often reach for new titles , and the games on offer are more popular than those that do not. Interestingly, however, some of the data provided has practically not changed for three years.

Subscribers play more games

During today’s presentation, it was reported that Xbox Game Pass owners play 40% more games than other users. They are also more likely to reach for new species – in this case the increase is 30%. It is worth noting that these data are exactly the same as those reported less than three years ago .

Last year, however, these statistics were inverted in terms of value – 30% of people played more games and 40% used new genres. So you can see that Microsoft regularly provides very similar data in this matter.

Subscribers also become more likely to spend money and do so 50% more often compared to other players.

Game Pass games generate more interest

According to Microsoft, the games included in the subscription arouse more interest among its owners. The number of people launching individual items increases 3.5 times for high-budget titles and 15 times for indie titles.

The announcement that the game will go to Game Pass also triples the associated traffic on social networks. Microsoft is trying to emphasize the advantages of Game Pass both for subscribers and for developers who could potentially place their titles in the service.

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