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Do you hear about Witcher IV? Check also Witcher Old World Board game! Check Video gameplay tutorial and description!

The Witcher: Old World is the third big game that we are bringing to the international market and 5th that is going to be published by our company. A large print of our previous games – Valhalla and Titans, taught us a lot and we are going to use this experience to bring you the best product we can. Backers who have already received Titans were impressed by the overall quality of the cards, miniatures, and engraved dice. We are sure that with The Witcher: Old World we can also bring you the highest quality of the game.

As for delivery, we are confident, that we can manufacture and deliver the game to you in a year or less. A big majority of the game art and graphics is already done. We have some Stretch Goals prepared, and we are playtesting some new expansions and ideas. So we have a very realistic, well-thought-out plan on delivering the game to our backers:

  • June 2021: Kickstarter ends
  • June 2021 – October 2021: Final pre-production development
  • November 2021 – May 2022: Game production and transportation
  • June 2022: Shipping to backers

This Project is US, UK, EU, AUS, CA, CN – friendly. No extra custom charge! We don’t charge additional VAT costs in Pledge Manager. 

If you live in another country than mentioned above we can’t guarantee that you won’t be charged additional custom and VAT costs by your government.

Below is a table for estimated shipping costs, which will be charged separately from this Kickstarter. Prices are not final and might slightly change in the Pledge Manager, depending on how many stretch goals we will unlock. However, we think that listed prices should be the maximum ones. We will do our best to keep the shipping costs as low as possible. The shipping costs shown in the table below are estimated prices for Deluxe Box. Add-Ons in different pledges may slightly increase the shipping cost.

You can multiply your Pledge to get significant savings on shipping costs: If you purchase 2 copies of the game, you don’t pay twice the cost but instead, the shipping will increase by around €3. For 3 copies, you add around €6, and so on. Call your friends and save on shipping!

Data/Privacy Protection law

By pledging to this campaign, you give us the right to transfer your personal data to selected partners, for the sole purpose of sending you your games. We never sell your data to anyone, and we won’t transfer it to partners who aren’t involved in fulfilling your pledge specifically (i.e. our US fulfillment partner won’t get the data of EU backers). In details, will get your personal data:

  • us, Go On Board, to transfer it to the partners who will need it,
  • a Pledge Manager solution to collect your shipping address and pledge preferences,
  • the fulfillment company in charge of shipping the game to you,
  • the transporter chosen by the fulfillment company to deliver you the game.

Per “personal data”, we mean:

  • full name
  • physical address
  • email address
  • phone number

You also give us the right to keep this information without any limit in time, especially because we know some backers contact us literally years after fulfillment is over for issues regarding their pledge, and that we need this information to know what happened and how to best fix the issue.

You have the right to rectify, modify and delete this data at any time, and you can do so by contacting us at or by private message on Kickstarter. However, please note that doing so might prevent us from actually shipping you the game if you ask to do that before we ship your pledge, as this information is required for us to do so.

Please note that while GDPR only applies to the European Union, for simplicity and because GDPR globally gives a much better protection for customers, we apply the principles of this law no matter where you live in the world.

Risks and challenges

Our team is experienced in designing, producing, and shipping games, and it’s our third Kickstarter project. We’ve gathered a lot of experience with our previous games – Valhalla And Titans. Titans receives great feedback in terms of components quality and overall backers experience. We have experience with the development, preproduction, translation, production, and delivery of a big project. We have worked for over a year preparing The Witcher for crowdfunding and production. If the project will be funded, we feel confident that the game will be delivered to our backers in the best quality, within the projected timeline. There is always a risk that comes with such a big campaign. There are many entities involved in the process of manufacturing and fulfilling a game, so not everything is under our control. But we are prepared to work for the whole upcoming year to bring you the game with the highest quality and with no delays. We plan to oversee the production personally and work with reliable shipping companies. Our greatest obstacle is the funding capital to manufacture the game. Your support is essential and much appreciated!

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