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Xbox Game Pass Family Plan – Microsoft’s family subscription plan coming?

The editors of the Windows Central portal found interesting information. Soon Microsoft may present players the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan . Up to five people will be able to use the family package, and the price of the group subscription will be much lower than the cost of purchasing separate subscriptions for five accounts. According to the data obtained, the service would be made available later this year. The exact amount of the fee, as well as whether the family plan will only cover Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or lower subscription levels, remains a big unknown.

As these are off-screen messages, you should take them with a pinch of salt. However, in the expansion of the entry you will find a Tweet that significantly increases the credibility of this report. Phil Spencer confirmed in 2020 that the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan is being considered, so … something may be up!

Source: Windows Central


Currently, there is a promotion for a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The offer is available to new and returning users

are you going to share Xbox Game Pass with other family members? What are, in your opinion, the pros and cons of such a solution? How much would you be willing to pay for such an account?

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