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Meet Blizzard tomorrow! Activision Blizzard and Demonware Career Fair!


Registration link:

We’re on a quest: bring our dreams to life and craft the most epic entertainment experiences, ever.

At Activision Blizzard, we pour our hearts and souls into everything we create. We embrace our core values every day so that we can continue creating epic entertainment experiences for all our players. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re located—if you’re a member of our evolving and vibrant community, working with us at one of our offices around the globe, or taking a piece of Activision Blizzard with you into space—you’re welcome here.

As an attendee of the Activision Blizzard Career Fair, we’ll be discussing the following career fields as employment opportunities:

ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY: Engineers build the bedrock of our games and services.

ANALYTICS & RESEARCH: Storytelling with science and data.▪ GAME SECURITY: Ensuring a safe and fair gaming experience.

QA, LOCALIZATION & CS: The Birthplace of Activision Blizzard Polish.

UX & VISUAL DESIGN: Designers bring our dreams to reality.

PRODUCTION, PROGRAM & PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Producers and program managers make Activision Blizzard products the best they can be.

Please note the following:

▪ Some roles may provide immigration support▪ Assessments/Interviews will vary depending on the type of position▪ Hiring across the US, Vancouver, and Dublin with Quality Assurance roles based in Southern California, Minnesota, and Austin, TX

Agenda:▪ Welcome Keynote + Introduction of Teams

▪ Activision Blizzard Leadership Welcome

▪ Career Fair + Networking Session