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No Man’s Sky – Pets: Small or Big?

No Man’s Sky – Pets: Small or Big?
Spacefarers had access to pets since Feb. 17, thanks to the recent Companions patch. This gave possibility to take one of these weird, procedurally-generated beasts, regardless of size, and tame them. Spacefarers can turn those pets into different kind of behaving companions.
Have your own pet babies already hatched?
An interesting article from about how users have managed to create pets the size of a small apartment building.

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(video trailer)

Two Souls & Yin Yang

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This year 2021 Crystal Dynamix is celebrating 25 Anniversary of Tomb Raider and there will be new title coming in future. Exact date isn’t said but this story will unify these titles together.

“Next Tomb Raider game will unify the classic and modern timelines” –

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Two Souls & Yin Yang (New Format)

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Google Digital Garage – Free live training sessions Jan 20-27 e.g build a CV + 151 free courses inc digital marketing certification

If looking to improve your skills, Google Digital Garage are offering a number of free live online training sessions for the next couple of weeks. Each session is online and runs for an hour. Free to register. List of the live training session topics for the remainder of this month listed below e.g. building cv, presentations, analytics, digital marketing.

Also as a reminder, there are 151 free online courses available to help your business or in your career. This includes fundamentals of digital marketing including certification. Worth a look if not done this previously.

  • Online courses including digital marketing certification

There are also 151 free courses available with a wide range of topics including digital marketing, career development and data and tech. Included within the courses is fundamentals of digital marketing, including 26 modules and includes certification.

Two Souls & Yin Yang

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Microsoft Store presents Xbox Academy

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Upcoming games on Stadia!

Whether it’s pre-ordering the highly anticipated Immortals Fenyx Rising and Hitman 3 or making some mayhem in the latest expansion to Borderlands 3, there’s plenty to be excited about on Stadia.
Check out our blog:
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New Game from Ubisoft! Riders Republic, an Open World Extreme Sports Game Extreme Sports Game, Arriving in February!

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Stadia releases plans to have the long-lost Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as one of their first games on their platform available for streaming and playable Early Access!

#Stadia #scottvspilgrim #EarlyAccess

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Gods & Monsters rises from the ashes as Immortals Fenyx Rising, due out this December!


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Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time Remake Confirmed!

#PrinceOfPersiaRemake #princeofpersia #Thesandsoftime

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Epic Games, Free games this week

FREE THIS WEEK: Tales of Travel 🚂📚
Railway Empire and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine are both free to claim on the Epic Games Store until September 17, and yours to keep forever!
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New to GeForce NOW:

• Star Renegades (day-and-date release on Steam — Sept. 😎
• Railway Empire (Free on Epic Games Store— Sept 10 – 17)
• Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (Free on Epic Games Store— Sept 10 – 17)
• Dungeon of the Endless – Crystal Edition
• Endless Legend – Emperor Edition
• Pro Cycling Manager 2019
• Skullgirls
• Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China (Uplay)
Returning to GeForce NOW
• Endless Space 2
Games can take a little while to propagate across all servers, but will be available on the service soon.
Additionally, we have two new features on GeForce NOW we’re excited to share.
Capture Professional-Grade Screenshots with NVIDIA Ansel
Ansel is a powerful photo mode that lets you take professional-grade photographs of your games, and it’s now available on supported games on GeForce NOW.
Using the GeForce NOW in-game overlay (Ctrl-G on PC, Cmd-G on macOS), you can capture and share your most brilliant gaming experiences with super-resolution, 360-degree, HDR, and stereo photographs. Freeze your game for that perfect moment and reposition the camera for just the right angle, or add post-process filters to adjust the look, feel, and mode of your screenshot. Ansel overcomes the limitations of traditional screenshot capture, giving you the power to capture truly unique photographs.
We can’t wait to see what you capture — please share with us on social media using #GFNShare !
Sync Your Steam Library, Now on Chromebooks
We’re thrilled to share that our Steam Sync feature is now available on GeForce NOW on Chromebooks. You can now easily update your GeForce NOW library with new Steam purchased by going to Settings > Game Sync. This feature will identify games in their Steam library that are supported by GeForce NOW and automatically add them to “My Library” within the app.
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We invite you to play games at Stadia! Easily invite us to your friends by entering the account name: TwoSouls and YinYang! 

We invite you to play games at Stadia! Easily invite us to your friends by entering the account name: TwoSouls and YinYang! 

Take advantage of the great offer and get 26 games for free by purchasing a subscription. Get instant access to a collection of games with Stadia Pro. No codes needed. 

Use the link to the offer: 


 Zapraszamy na wspolnej gry na Stadii! Zapros nas w prosty sposob do znajomych wpisujac nazwe konta: TwoSouls oraz YinYang!

 Skorzystaj rowniez z super oferty i odbierz 26 gier za darmo wykupujac subskrypcje. Uzyskaj natychmiastowy dostęp do kolekcji gier dzięki Stadia Pro. Żadne kody nie są potrzebne.

 Skorzystaj z linku do oferty:

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Stadia Pro now has 26 games for you to play for free!

Stadia Pro now has 26 games for you to play for free! All you have to do is log-in and claim them. Not a subscriber yet, be sure to sign up for a one month free trial of Stadia Pro at

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Stadia – Review Update 09/2020

Hi everyone!

 This is my first post about this platform, I have been testing the Stadia platform with my brother for several months and I want to present my observations about the functionality, advantages and disadvantages of using it: 

  •  The first thing that disappointed me was the inability to use headphones in both pads while playing on one device. 
  • Another is the inability to use devices that improve the fluidity of the Internet, such as AmpliFy, because the pad does not detect the Internet from such a device. 
  • No support for mobile devices with IOS as in the case of Android, allowing you to play on the device 
  • No thematic website with 24/7 chat and technical support 
  • No shop with accessories, clothing and physical games (collector’s editions with content without a CD)
  •  A poorly developed application 

Ultimately, it’s the inability to change the language version in some productions like Destiny 2. 

 Positive feelings after several months of testing: 

  •  Excellent fluidity of the titles in the service 
  • Great titles on the platform and monthly free games for subscription holders, as well as free ones that appear from time to time 
  • Access to games Early Access 
  • Program Community – Stadia Connect 
  • Console mobility 
  • A program for people who create content
  •  Uplay support for Uplay 

Free game for the weekend 

 In my humble opinion, a program for game developers should be introduced, enabling publications like in Apple, so that the library of early access games can be expanded, and the introduction of loyalty functions for Stadia users who would be representatives of this platform, as is the case with the Xbox program Ambassador. 

 What do you think about it?
 Let me know in the comment 

 Two Souls


Cześć wszystkim!

 To jest moj pierwszy post odnosnie tej platformy, testuje z bratem platforme Stadia od kilku miesięcy i chce przedstawić moje spostrzeżenia odnośnie funkcjonalnosci, minusów oraz plusów z użytkowania:

  •  Pierwsza sprawa, która mnie rozczarowala to brak możliwości korzystania ze słuchawek w obu padach grając na jednym urządzeniu. 
  • Kolejna to brak możliwości korzystania z urządzeń usprawniajacych płynność internetu jak AmpliFy, ponieważ pad nie wykrywa sieci internetowej z takiego urzadzenia. 
  • Brak wsparcia dla urządzeń mobilnych z systemem IOS jak w przypadku Android, pozwalające na granie na urządzeniu 
  • Brak tematycznej strony internetowej z czatem i wsparciem technicznym 24/h Brak sklepu z akcesoriami oraz odzieżą i grami fizycznymi (edycje kolekcjonerskie z zawartością bez płyty) 
  • Słabo rozwinięta aplikacja 

Ostatecznie to brak możliwości zmiany wersji jezykowej w niektórych produkcjach jak Destiny 2.

 Pozytywne odczucia po kilku miesiacach testowania:

  •  Znakomita płynność tytułów w usłudze 
  • Świetne tytuły na platformie oraz co miesięczne darmowe gry dla posiadaczy subskrypcji, jak i te gratisowe które pojawiają się co jakis czas 
  • Dostęp do gier Early Access Program Community – Stadia Connect 
  • Mobilność konsoli Program dla osób tworzących content 
  • Nadchadzace wsparcie dla Uplay 
  • Darmowa gra przez weekend 

Moim skromnym zdaniem powinien zostać wprowadzony program dla developerow gier, umożliwiający publikacje tak jak w Apple, aby można było powiększyć biblioteke gier early access, oraz wprowadzenie lojalnościowych funkcji dla użytkowników Stadii, którzy mieli by być przedstawicielami tej platformy, jak rzecz ma sie w programie Xbox Ambasador.

Co o tym myślicie?
Dajcie znać w komentarzu 

Two Souls