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Behind scenes: “GFN Global goes Linux”

Behind scenes: “GFN Global goes Linux”

Today the official hardware was upgraded to take advantage of Linux. The intention was to get more power to working and at the same time get more power to play GeForce NOW. Debian/Ubuntu-based elementaryOS is best suited for this purpose.

elementaryOS official site:

The difference with the previous operating system(MS Windows 10 Professional) is that there was no need to install a separate software on the hardware to make controller drivers work, but those were detected automatically.

I look forward to the moment when I get to take advantage of this new lineup more.

Kristina Hurtta von HauHau nicely took over To-Do-list of week while the upgrades were completed.Thanks! -Janne Tamming

Softwares installed:

• OBS Studio (live video support)

• Discord (GFN Global Discord server)

• Krita (graphics developing)

• Google Chromium(GeForce NOW game support)

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